China News Service, Wuzhong, October 21 (Reporter Yu Jing) On October 21, the reporter learned from Wuzhong City in Ningxia that at 9 o'clock on October 21, Wuzhong City had two new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, including 1 in Litong District, One case in Qingtongxia City is currently being treated in isolation at the Fourth People's Hospital of Ningxia.

  It is understood that one new confirmed case in Litong District, Li, was a fellow of Xu, who was notified of the imported confirmed case from outside the province on October 19, and his action track was consistent with Xu.

  The trajectory of a new confirmed case of Bai in Qingtongxia City and the trajectory of a confirmed case of Ai in Yinchuan City overlap. The preliminary flow analysis results show that the trajectory of Bai is as follows:

  At 9:00 on October 16th, Bai Moumou and other 3 people ate at Nanjing Baozi Shop, East Gate of Forest Peninsula Community, drove together at 10:32 (Ning A2NC53) to Taoli Chunfeng Community to inspect the house, 12:00 to Yongning Yujingwan for sale In the building inspection, I went to the Xinjiang Dapanji restaurant near Zhonghai Community to dine at 14:40, and dine at the cafes on both sides of the Forest Peninsula at 18:00. Return to the Forest Peninsula home alone at 23:02 without going out.

  At 11:26 on October 17, Mr. Bai drove to the Sunshine Food Store in Forest Peninsula to buy vegetables. At 12:00, he went to Li's family in Fenghuangbei Temple Community for a meal with 3 people. At 14:56 he drove to Sunshine Food in Forest Peninsula. Pick up the express from many stores, because I forgot to bring the key in the car and waited for the company’s technicians to open the lock, I returned home at 16:00, walked to the Hongmao Yijie Laundry in Jinfeng District at 17:03 to pick up the clothes, and drove by 18:07 to August 1st A total of 3 people in Liu's house in the community ate, and returned home by car at 22:30 in the forest peninsula.

  At 9:28 on October 18th, I drove to Yinchuan Zhenghe Great Wall Road gas station to refuel, 9:46 to Weili HSBC supermarket to buy milk, and then went to work on the second floor of Linghang Gift Company near No.1 Middle School. During the period, I had contact with 3 people. 13:48 Self-driving to the second floor of Luyin City Garden East Gate Beauty Shop for beauty treatment. During the period, one person will serve it. At 15:00, self-driving to Ding Moumou's house in the post tax community for a meal with 3 people, and then in Ding Moumou's home. Stay overnight without going out.

  At 9:28 on October 19, I drove with Ding Moumou from Yinchuan to Qingtongxia. After leaving the highway at 10:23, I went to the bathroom at the China Petroleum gas station on the roadside. I had brief contact with 3 people and drove there by 10:54. Meeting with Ma Moumou Office of Daba Town Government. At 12:10, we went to Qinzhiyan Farmhouse in Yuqiao Village, Qingtongxia Town, for a meal with 6 people, and returned to Daba Town Government at 13:46 to rest in the car with Ding Moumou, 17:10 I talked with Ma and Lin in the office for about half an hour. At 18:29, I drove to my mother's house in Yingchunyuan District, Qingtongxia City, and did not go out that day.

  At 9:40 on October 20th, I was informed that there were confirmed cases in the Forest Peninsula, so I drove to Qingtongxia People’s Hospital to queue up for nucleic acid testing, 10:06 mobile phone appointment registration, 10:30 window payment, 10:38 enter the sampling room, 10 :43 drove away, 10:55 to the south gate of Huafu Yujing, received Wang Moumou eating at Niu Xiaoer Ramen Restaurant in Kangle 4th District, 12:10 two people drove to the home of Bai Moumou, a farmer in Team 3 of the Dam, Bai XX got off the car and had a meal with Liu XX. During the period, two people served. At 12:49, they drove to Zhongning Stadium with Wang XX. They had a long conversation with a security guard and then left. At 15:00, the two went to Zhongning County for business. After registering for temperature measurement, the bureau went to Guo Moumou’s office to talk for about 30 minutes, and then drove Wang Moumou to Huafu Yujing’s residence. At 16:05, he received a call from Qingtongxia City People’s Hospital and returned to his mother’s home. The ambulance was taken to the fever clinic of Qingtongxia People's Hospital.


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