(Authorized to issue) The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline of the Construction Plan for the Two-city Economic Circle in Chengdu-Chongqing Region"

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 20. Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Outline for the Construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing Double-City Economic Circle" and issued a notice requesting all regions and departments to conscientiously implement it in light of actual conditions.

  The main contents of the "Planning Outline for the Construction of the Two-City Economic Circle in Chengdu-Chongqing Region" are as follows.



Chapter One Planning Background

Chapter II General Requirements

The first section of the guiding ideology

Main Principles of Section Two

Section 3 Strategic Positioning

Section 4 Development Goals

Chapter Three: Constructing a New Pattern for the Development of the Twin-City Economic Circle

The first section enhances the development level of the twin cities

Section 2 Cultivate and develop a modern metropolitan area

The third section promotes double-circle interaction and two-wing coordination

Section 4 Promoting the development of large, medium and small cities and counties by classification

Chapter 4 Joint efforts to build a modern infrastructure network

Section 1 Building an integrated comprehensive transportation system

Section 2 Strengthen Energy Security

Section 3 Strengthen the construction of water conservancy infrastructure

Chapter 5 Coordinated Construction of a Modern Industrial System

The first section promotes the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

Section 2 Vigorously develop the digital economy

Section 3 Cultivate and develop modern service industry

Section 4 Building a modern and efficient characteristic agricultural belt

Chapter VI Co-build a science and technology innovation center with national influence

Section 1 Construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Comprehensive Science Center

Section 2 Optimize the layout of innovative space

Section 3 Enhancing Collaborative Innovation Capability

Section 4 Create a policy environment that encourages innovation

Chapter 7: Creating an international consumption destination with rich Bashu characteristics

Section 1 Create a high-quality consumer space

Section 2 Constructing a diversified and integrated consumer format

Section 3 Shaping a safe and friendly consumer environment

Chapter 8 Building an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River

The first section promotes ecological co-construction and mutual protection

Section 2 Strengthen Transboundary Coordinated Control of Pollution

The third section explores the new path of green transformation and development

Chapter 9 Jointly Create a Highland of Inland Reform and Opening-up

Section 1 Accelerate the construction of a large channel for opening up

Section 2 Promoting the construction of an open platform at a high level

Section 3 Strengthen domestic regional cooperation

Section 4 Create a first-class business environment

Section 5 Enhancing the vitality of market entities

Section VI explores the reform of the appropriate separation of economic zones and administrative regions

Chapter 10 Jointly Promote the Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Areas

The first section promotes the efficient allocation of urban and rural elements

Section 2 Promote the balanced allocation of urban and rural public resources

Section 3 Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural industries

Chapter 11 Strengthening Public Service Co-construction and Sharing

Section 1 Promoting the standardization and facilitation of basic public services

Section 2 Sharing Educational, Cultural and Sports Resources

Section 3 Promote cooperation in public health and medical care

Section 4 Improve the emergency linkage mechanism

Chapter 12 Promoting the Implementation of the Plan

Section 1 Strengthen the Party’s Centralized and Unified Leadership

Section 2 Strengthen Organizational Implementation

Section 3 Improve the supporting policy system

Section 4 Improve Cooperation Mechanism


  The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of the Chengdu-Chongqing region.

On January 3, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping presided over the sixth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee to make major decisions and deployments to promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle and create an important growth pole for high-quality development. Development provides fundamental follow and important guidance.

  The Chengdu-Chongqing Shuangcheng Economic Circle is located at the intersection of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is the starting point of a new land-sea channel in the west. It has the unique advantage of connecting the southwest and northwest, and connecting East Asia with Southeast Asia and South Asia.

The region has excellent ecological endowments, rich energy and mineral resources, dense urban areas, and diverse scenery. It is the region with the densest population, strongest industrial foundation, strongest innovation ability, broadest market space, and highest degree of openness in the western part of China. Unique and important strategic position.

In order to strengthen the top-level design and overall coordination, and accelerate the formation of a strong and distinctive dual-city economic circle in Chengdu-Chongqing area, this planning outline has been compiled.

  The planning scope includes the central city of Chongqing and Wanzhou, Fuling, Qijiang, Dazu, Qianjiang, Changshou, Jiangjin, Hechuan, Yongchuan, Nanchuan, Bishan, Tongliang, Tongnan, Rongchang, Liangping, Fengdu, Dianjiang, Zhongxian Other 27 districts (counties) and parts of Kaizhou and Yunyang, Sichuan Province’s Chengdu, Zigong, Luzhou, Deyang, Mianyang (except Pingwu County and Beichuan County), Suining, Neijiang, Leshan, Nanchong, Meishan, Yibin 15 cities including, Guang'an, Dazhou (except Wanyuan City), Ya'an (except Tianquan County and Baoxing County), Ziyang, with a total area of ​​185,000 square kilometers, a permanent population of 96 million in 2019, and a regional GDP of nearly 6.3 Trillion yuan, accounting for 1.9%, 6.9%, and 6.3% of the country's total.

  This planning outline is a programmatic document that guides the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle at present and in the future, and is the basis for formulating relevant plans and policies.

The planning period is until 2025, and the outlook is until 2035.

Chapter One Planning Background

  Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", the development of Chengdu-Chongqing area has entered the fast lane.

Central cities continue to increase their radiating role, small and medium-sized cities have accelerated their development, infrastructure facilities have become more complete, industrial systems have become more complete, scientific and technological capabilities have increased significantly, domestic demand has continued to expand, and foreign exchange functions have been further strengthened.

By 2019, the regional GDP will grow by more than 8% annually, the total retail sales of consumer goods will grow by more than 10% annually, the urbanization rate of the permanent population will exceed 60%, the railway density will reach 3.5 kilometers/100 square kilometers, and the passenger throughput of the airport cluster More than 100 million person-times, the scale of permanent residents and the proportion of the total regional economy in the country continue to rise, showing a good trend of dual-core development of Chongqing and Chengdu, and linkage leading to regional high-quality development. It has become the economic and social development, ecological civilization construction, and ecological civilization in the western region. An important engine for reform, innovation and opening up.

At the same time, the overall strength and competitiveness of Chengdu-Chongqing region still lags far behind the developed regions in the east. In particular, the infrastructure bottleneck is still obvious, the urban scale structure is unreasonable, the degree of division of labor in the industrial chain is not high, and the technological innovation support capacity is partial. Weak, the gap between urban and rural development is still large, the task of ecological environmental protection is arduous, and there are still many shortcomings in the protection of people’s livelihood.

  The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. A new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are developing in depth, and the international division of labor system is facing systematic adjustments.

China has turned to a stage of high-quality development. Major strategies such as the joint construction of the “One Belt and One Road”, the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Western Development have been implemented in depth. The supply-side structural reform has been steadily advanced, and the strategy of expanding domestic demand has been implemented in depth, which is a new round for the Chengdu-Chongqing region. Development has given new advantages and created major opportunities.

In this context, promoting the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing region's dual-city economic circle is in line with the objective requirements for high-quality economic development in China. It is a major strategic support for promoting coordinated regional development under the new situation and forming a regional economic layout with complementary advantages and high-quality development. It is also a major measure to build a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles mutually promoting each other. It is conducive to forming an important growth pole for high-quality development in the west, enhancing the population and economic carrying capacity, and helping to build an inland area. The opening of strategic highlands and new bases for participating in international competition will promote the formation of a new pattern of opening to the outside world with land-sea internal and external linkages and east-west mutual assistance; it is conducive to absorbing the population of ecological functional areas into urban clusters, so that the western region will form an advantageous area for key development and ecological development. The new pattern of key protection of functional zones is to protect the ecological environment of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River and the western region, and to enhance the capacity for spatial governance and protection.

Chapter II General Requirements

  Strengthen the top-level design and overall coordination, firmly establish the concept of integrated development, sing the "Tale of Two Cities", jointly build an economic circle, work together to create a high-level model of regional cooperation, and play a supporting role in promoting the development of the western region in the new era. Play a leading role in the “Belt and Road” initiative and play a demonstrative role in promoting the green development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

The first section of the guiding ideology

  Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, and unswervingly implement the new development concept , Adhere to the general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability, take the promotion of high-quality development as the theme, and deepen the supply-side structural reform as the main line, based on the establishment of a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles mutually promoting each other, and focus on promoting Form a regional economic layout with complementary advantages and high-quality development, strengthen the role of central cities in Chongqing and Chengdu, lead the coordinated development of Chengdu and Chongqing, promote the rational flow and efficient agglomeration of industries, population and various production factors, and accelerate the formation of a new reform and opening up Drive, accelerate the shaping of new advantages in innovation and development, accelerate the establishment of a new situation of cooperation and interaction with coastal areas, accelerate the expansion of new spaces for participation in international cooperation, promote the formation of a strong and distinctive two-city economic circle in Chengdu and Chongqing, and create a country that drives high-quality development across the country. An important growth pole and a new source of power.

Main Principles of Section Two

  ——Dual-core leadership, regional linkage.

Improve the comprehensive energy level and international competitiveness of the central cities of Chongqing and Chengdu, handle the relationship between the center and the region, strengthen the role of coordinated radiation, and accelerate the cultivation of small and medium-sized cities with large areas. Effectively promote rural revitalization, and form a development pattern of urban agglomerations with distinctive characteristics, reasonable layout, intensive and efficient urban agglomeration.

  -Reform and opening up, driven by innovation.

Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, better play the role of the government, strengthen the leading and breakthrough role of reforms, and actively promote higher-level opening up.

Strengthen system innovation, gather innovation resources at home and abroad, promote the deep integration of technological innovation applications and industrial transformation and upgrading, and build a collaborative innovation system.

  -Ecological priority, green development.

Fully implement the concept of ecological civilization, strengthen the ecological protection of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, strictly observe the three control lines of ecological protection red line, permanent basic farmland, and urban development boundary, optimize the land and space development pattern, improve the efficiency of land, water and energy use, and build a green and low-carbon To achieve sustainable development through production and lifestyle and construction and operation mode.

  -Sharing and tolerance, improving people's livelihood.

Adhere to the people-centered development concept, increase the supply of high-quality public products and services, continue to improve people’s livelihood and well-being, build a diversified and inclusive social governance pattern, so that the results of reform and development will benefit the people more and more equitably, and increase the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and happiness. sense of security.

  ——Coordinate coordination, cooperate and build together.

Adhere to the "Sichuan-Chongqing game of chess" thinking, give full play to advantages, dislocation development, optimize and integrate regional resources, strengthen the coordination of transportation, industry, technology, environmental protection, and people's livelihood policies, achieve unified planning, integrated deployment, mutual cooperation, and joint implementation, and radiate and drive the surrounding area Regional development has significantly improved the overall competitiveness of the region.

Section 3 Strategic Positioning

  Respect objective laws, give full play to comparative advantages, and build the Chengdu-Chongqing area into an important economic center, a center for scientific and technological innovation, a new highland for reform and opening up, and a livable place with high quality of life.

  An important economic center with national influence.

Relying on comprehensive transportation hubs and three-dimensional open channels, improve the ability to participate in global resource allocation and overall economic efficiency, cultivate a modern industrial system with outstanding competitive advantages, develop a diversified consumption format with Bashu characteristics, and create a western financial center and an international consumption destination. An important advanced manufacturing base and modern service industry highland in the country.

  A scientific and technological innovation center with national influence.

Seize the opportunity of a new round of scientific and technological revolution, give full play to the advantages of science and education talents and characteristic industries, promote the optimization of the innovation environment, strengthen innovation and open cooperation, promote the integration of innovation resources, stimulate the vitality of various innovation subjects, vigorously promote the deep integration of technology and economic development, and build a nationwide An important demonstration zone for technological innovation and collaborative innovation.

  New heights of reform and opening up.

Actively promote reforms in key areas such as the market-oriented allocation of factors, the scientific research system, and cross-administrative economic and social management.

Relying on the south, west, and east channels, expand all-round and high-level opening to form a strategic hub for the joint development of the "Belt and Road", the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the new western land-sea channel, and become a model for regional cooperation and opening up.

  A livable place with high quality of life.

Vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, build an ecological barrier in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, play a demonstrative role in ecological protection in the western region, promote the co-construction and sharing of social undertakings, greatly improve the urban and rural living environment, and create a world-class leisure and tourism resort and a model area for urban-rural integration and development. Build an inclusive, harmonious, beautiful, livable, and attractive high-quality urban agglomeration.

Section 4 Development Goals

  By 2025, the economic strength, development vitality, and international influence of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle will be greatly enhanced, the level of integrated development will be significantly improved, the regional characteristics will be further demonstrated, and the role of supporting the high-quality development of the country will be significantly enhanced.

  ——The spatial pattern led by the Twin Cities has taken shape.

The development level of Chongqing and Chengdu as national central cities has been significantly improved, and the regional driving force and international competitiveness have been significantly enhanced.

Significant breakthroughs have been made in the co-urbanization of metropolitan areas. The development of small and medium-sized cities and county towns has accelerated. The urban structure of large, medium and small cities and small towns with complementary advantages, reasonable division of labor, benign interaction, and coordinated development has taken shape, and the urbanization rate of permanent residents has reached about 66%.

  ——The level of infrastructure connectivity has been greatly improved.

A modern multi-level rail transit network has been initially completed, and the four-way channel from Chongqing to Sichuan is basically formed. Chongqing and Chengdu can be reached within one hour. The total scale of the railway network has reached more than 9,000 kilometers, covering all cities with a population of more than 200,000. The status of an aviation hub has become more prominent. The shipping center and logistics center on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River have basically been completed, 5G networks have achieved full coverage of towns and key scenarios, the level of new infrastructure has been significantly improved, and the energy security capabilities have been further enhanced.

  ——The modern economic system has taken initial shape.

The regional collaborative innovation system has basically been completed, the R&D investment intensity has reached about 2.5%, the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress has reached 63%, and the core functions of the scientific and technological innovation center have basically taken shape.

The division of labor in the advantageous industry regions is more reasonable, the efficiency of collaboration has been greatly improved, and a relatively complete regional industrial chain supply chain system has initially formed, presenting the prototype of a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster, the digital economy is booming, the western financial center is initially established, and the modern service industry has obvious advantages Enhanced.

  ——The results of reform and opening up have become more fruitful.

Institutional transaction costs have been significantly reduced, the cross-administrative benefit sharing and cost sharing mechanism has been continuously innovated and improved, the administrative barriers and institutional barriers that hinder the free flow of production factors have been basically eliminated, the business environment has reached the domestic first-class level, and a unified and open market system has been basically established .

Breakthroughs have been made in the construction of major open platforms such as Chongqing and Sichuan Free Trade Pilot Zones, and the level of coordinated opening has been significantly improved. The inland opening strategic highlands have basically been completed, which has significantly improved the supporting role of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road".

  ——The level of ecological livability has been greatly improved.

The pattern of ecological security has basically taken shape, outstanding environmental problems have been effectively addressed, the coordinated monitoring of the ecological environment and the compensation mechanism for regional ecological protection have been improved, the number of days with good air quality in prefecture-level and above cities has reached 88%, and the water quality compliance rate of cross-border river sections has reached 95% , The ecological flow of major sections of the river has reached 90% or more, the urban development model is more intensive and efficient, the level of convenience and sharing of public services has been significantly improved, and the ability of refined governance has been significantly enhanced.

  By 2035, a two-city economic circle with strong strength and distinctive characteristics will be built, Chongqing and Chengdu will enter the ranks of modern international cities, the urban system of large, medium and small cities will be more complete, infrastructure interconnection will be basically realized, and technological innovation with national influence The center is basically completed, the advantages of world-class advanced manufacturing clusters have been fully formed, the modern industrial system has become mature, and the open economic system integrated with the world has basically been completed. An active growth pole and strong power source with international influence.

Chapter Three: Constructing a New Pattern for the Development of the Twin-City Economic Circle

  Guided by giving play to advantages, highlighting characteristics, and coordinated development, highlight the guidance of the two cities, strengthen the interaction of the two circles, promote the coordination of the two wings, coordinate the development of large, medium and small cities and small towns, and promote the formation of a dense, dense, intensive and efficient spatial pattern.

The first section enhances the development level of the twin cities

  Facing the new development stage, focusing on modernization, optimizing the functional layout of Chongqing's main city and Chengdu, comprehensively improving the development level and comprehensive competitiveness, and leading and driving the development of the dual-city economic circle.


Guided by the establishment of a new paradigm for high-quality development and high-quality life, we will take the lead in the comprehensive deepening of reforms and expansion of opening up to build an international, green, intelligent, and humanistic modern city, and build an important national advanced manufacturing center and western finance. The center, the western international comprehensive transportation hub and the international gateway hub will enhance the international influence and regional driving force of the national central city.

With the Yangtze River and Jialing River as the main axis, it will develop in clusters along three parallel troughs, and build the Liangjiang New District and the Western (Chongqing) Science City with high standards to reshape the "two rivers and four banks" international landscape city.


Guided by the establishment of a park city demonstration zone that implements the new development concept, build high-quality livable advantages, enhance international and domestic high-end factor management capabilities, build a modern industrial system, innovation system, and urban governance system that supports high-quality development, and create a region Economic centers, science and technology centers, world cultural cities and international gateway hubs will enhance the international competitiveness and regional radiation power of national central cities.

High-level construction of Tianfu New District, Western (Chengdu) Science City, etc., to form a new urban development pattern of "one mountain with two wings".

Section 2 Cultivate and develop a modern metropolitan area

  Grasp the flow of factors and the law of industrial division of labor, cultivate a modern metropolitan circle around the main city of Chongqing and Chengdu, and promote the accelerated development of cities, districts, districts and counties surrounding the central city.

  Chongqing Metropolitan Area.

Echelon promotes the integrated development of Chongqing's central urban area and western Chongqing.

Unblocked the channel between Bishan, Jiangjin, Changshou, and Nanchuan to connect the central urban area, and take the lead in realizing the same city.

Strengthen Fuling's driving function in the northeast and southeast of Chongqing, support Yongchuan to build a modern manufacturing base and a western vocational education base, support Hechuan to accelerate the development of the network security industry, promote the establishment of a regional public service center, and promote the integration of Qijiang and Wansheng to build a new land-sea channel in the west Chongqing-Guizhou Comprehensive Service Zone and Chongqing-Guizhou Cooperation Pilot Zone will create a strategic fulcrum for Chongqing's central urban area to radiate and drive the surrounding areas.

Promote the westward development of Chongqing, enhance the characteristic functions of Rongchang, Tongliang, Dazu, and Tongnan, and build a bridgehead for the development of Chengdu.

Promote the integration of Guang'an safety into the Chongqing metropolitan area and build a Sichuan-Chongqing cooperation demonstration zone.

  Chengdu Metropolitan Area.

Give full play to the leading role of Chengdu and the comparative advantages of Deyang, Meishan, and Ziyang, accelerate the integration of productivity, promote the same network of infrastructure, sharing of public service resources, administering government affairs, and open portals, and create a comprehensive experiment on the integration of Deyang, Meishan and Ziyang. District, build a modern metropolitan area with a developed economy, excellent ecology, and a happy life.

Promote Chengdu and Deyang to jointly build major equipment manufacturing bases and build a Delingang economic and industrial belt.

Accelerate the integrated development of the Chengdu area and Meishan area of ​​Tianfu New Area to create an eyebrow high-tech industrial belt.

Promote the coordinated development of Chengdu Airport New City and Ziyang Airport Economic Zone, and build a Ziyang Airport Economic Industrial Belt.

Promote Chengdu's eastward advance, and focus on promoting the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry to build eastern Chengdu into an important fulcrum for linkage with Chongqing.

The third section promotes double-circle interaction and two-wing coordination

  Relying on the advantages of resource endowment, personnel exchanges, and industrial connections, strengthen the interaction of regional central cities and the coordination of adjacent regions, and optimize the coordinated development pattern of the dual-city economic circle in the Chengdu-Chongqing region.

  Promote the mutual development of Chongqing and Chengdu metropolitan areas.

Relying on the comprehensive transportation channels of Chengdu-Yubei Line, Middle Line and South Line, lay a solid foundation for the development of the main axis of Chengdu-Chongqing, and strengthen the interaction between the Chongqing Metropolitan Area and the Chengdu Metropolitan Area.

Support Suining and Tongnan, Ziyang and Dazu to explore the construction model of integrated planning, cost sharing, and benefit sharing.

Strengthen the radiation effect of the metropolitan area, promote the integrated development of the Chengdu Plain, build Mianyang and Leshan into regional central cities in the Chengdu Plain, support Ya'an to build a green development demonstration city, and Qianjiang to build a regional central city in southeastern Chongqing.




第四节 分类推进大中小城市和县城发展






第四章 合力建设现代基础设施网络


第一节 构建一体化综合交通运输体系






第二节 强化能源保障



第三节 加强水利基础设施建设


第五章 协同建设现代产业体系


第一节 推动制造业高质量发展





第二节 大力发展数字经济





第三节 培育发展现代服务业




第四节 建设现代高效特色农业带




第六章 共建具有全国影响力的科技创新中心


第一节 建设成渝综合性科学中心


第二节 优化创新空间布局


第三节 提升协同创新能力



第四节 营造鼓励创新的政策环境




第七章 打造富有巴蜀特色的国际消费目的地


第一节 营造高品质消费空间



第二节 构建多元融合的消费业态



第三节 塑造安全友好的消费环境



第八章 共筑长江上游生态屏障


第一节 推动生态共建共保



第二节 加强污染跨界协同治理






第三节 探索绿色转型发展新路径




第九章 联手打造内陆改革开放高地


第一节 加快构建对外开放大通道




第二节 高水平推进开放平台建设





第三节 加强国内区域合作




第四节 营造一流营商环境



第五节 增强市场主体活力



第六节 探索经济区与行政区适度分离改革


第十章 共同推动城乡融合发展


第一节 推动城乡要素高效配置




第二节 推动城乡公共资源均衡配置





第三节 推动城乡产业协同发展


第十一章 强化公共服务共建共享


第一节 推进基本公共服务标准化便利化



第二节 共享教育文化体育资源




第三节 推动公共卫生和医疗养老合作




第四节 健全应急联动机制


第十二章 推进规划实施


第一节 加强党的集中统一领导


第二节 强化组织实施

  Chongqing City and Sichuan Province, as the main bodies responsible for the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle, must clarify the division of work, improve the working mechanism, jointly study and formulate annual work plans, implement work responsibilities, and implement various tasks determined in the planning outline.

Relevant departments of the central government should strengthen guidance on the implementation of the planning outline in accordance with the division of responsibilities and provide active support in planning preparation, system innovation, policy formulation, and project arrangements.

The National Development and Reform Commission shall rely on the inter-ministerial joint meeting system for urbanization and urban-rural integration development work to strengthen the overall guidance for the implementation of the planning outline, coordinate and solve the outstanding problems in the implementation of the planning outline, supervise the implementation of major issues, and organize assessments in a timely manner. Timely sum up experience and practices.

Major plans, major policies, and major projects should be submitted for approval in accordance with procedures, and major issues should be reported to the Party Central Committee and the State Council for instructions in a timely manner.

Section 3 Improve the supporting policy system

  Relevant departments of the central government should strengthen communication and connection with Chongqing City and Sichuan Province, and be responsible for the compilation, issuance and implementation of the Chengdu-Chongqing region's dual-city economic circle land and space plan, as well as the multi-level rail transit system, comprehensive transportation development, western financial center construction, scientific and technological innovation center construction, and ecological Planning or implementation plans for environmental protection, Bashu Cultural Tourism Corridor, etc., guide the formulation of construction plans for the park city demonstration zone, Sichuan-Chongqing integrated development demonstration zone, and Sichuan-Southern-Chongqing integrated development pilot zone that implement the new development concept, and research and introduce industries, talents, Supporting policies and comprehensive reform measures in the fields of land, investment, finance, and finance.

Chongqing Municipality and Sichuan Province have formulated and issued development plans for the Chongqing Metropolitan Area and Chengdu Metropolitan Area to jointly promote the formation of a planning and policy system, without changing or weakening the supporting policies for the Three Gorges Reservoir area and other surrounding areas.

Section 4 Improve Cooperation Mechanism

  Improve the mechanism of the Chongqing-Sichuan Party-Government Joint Conference to promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle, study and implement key tasks, major reforms, and major projects, and advance various tasks.

Establish special cooperation mechanisms for transportation, industry, innovation, market, resources and environment, and public services, and plan and promote specific cooperation items and projects in different fields.

Cultivate a culture of cooperation and encourage the establishment of cooperation and coordination mechanisms between the two provinces and cities.

Promote two-way exchanges of cadres and talents with the eastern region and take up positions.

Listen to opinions and suggestions from all walks of life, and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to jointly promote the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city economic circle.

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