Russia will enter the national paid vacation mode, K Palace: Putin will continue to work through video connections

  [Global Network Report] According to a report by RIA Novosti, the Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov said on the 21st local time that after the national decision on October 30 to November 7 as paid holidays, Russian President Vladimir Putin will Continue to carry out work activities through video connections.

  Peskov also said that due to the complex situation of the new crown epidemic, Putin will not participate in face-to-face activities for the time being.

  The situation of Russia's epidemic situation has deteriorated sharply recently.

The epidemic data released by the Russian Epidemic Prevention Headquarters on the 20th showed that the country had 34,073 new confirmed cases of new crowns and 1028 new deaths compared with the previous day. Both data set new highs since the epidemic.

As of that day, Russia has confirmed a total of 8094825 new crown cases and a total of 226,353 deaths.

In the face of a new wave of new crown epidemic peaks, Putin announced on the 20th that he would approve paid holidays from October 30th to November 7th throughout the country. Individual areas with severe epidemics can start the paid leave mode in advance.

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