In addition to gender equality issues, Fi wants to see car-free zones and investments in school and leisure.

They also believe that the green-blue government has failed with Stockholm's vulnerable areas and want to see more efforts there rather than security guards and camera surveillance.

- Despite the fact that we are heading for another year with a record number of shootings, the green-blue rule continues as usual.

They are selling out the public good and for the fourth year in a row, large savings demands are being made on the school.

But what Stockholm needs is social upgrading and security-creating measures, says Lisa Palm who is group leader for Fi in Stockholm.

Below you will hear about the majority's budget proposal

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On Wednesday, the majority in the city of Stockholm presented their budget proposal for the year 2022. From left;

Karin Ernlund (C), Daniel Helldén (MP), Anna König Jerlmyr (M) and Erik Slottner (KD).

Photo: SVT

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