In the clip, you hear how cultural activities can keep children away from crime.

At Vårvindens fritidsgård, art, theater, dance and language will have a large space during the autumn.

The art group Meeting Plays and the association Biblioteksvännerna will create lively activities for children, young people and parents in Biskopsgården.

- Meeting Plays is an art group that creates meeting places in local areas in Gothenburg, but right now they are creating cultural and art activities in Biskopsgården, says Åsa Jansson.

Should give a positive impression

On Sundays, "Kulturhus Inne" is arranged, which is a collaboration between the two actors.

It should create joy and positive impressions in the children and their families.

- The goal is to make the cultural meeting place permanent and make it reach the entire Biskopsgården, but also to extend far into the whole of Gothenburg, says Anna Leyman, artistic director at Meeting Plays.

Want to offer alternatives to crime

The program is long-term and aims to build a positive interest in young people's lives.

In this way, one of the sub-goals can be achieved: that the children should not be involved in gang crime later in life. 

- To end up in gang crime is a choice that a person makes, but what we will do as a municipality, city and civil society is to offer opportunities that children and young people have something concrete and safe to do.

This can then create a better citizen in the future, says Filip Plan, unit manager at Vårvindens fritidsgård.

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