China News Service, New York, October 21. US President Biden arrived in Pennsylvania on the afternoon of the 20th local time and delivered a speech when visiting the tram museum in his hometown of Scranton, emphasizing the importance of the Infrastructure Construction Act and the Social Welfare Budget.

  "It feels good to be home," he said first, "No matter how long you live in Scranton, this city will penetrate into your heart and never leave." Because Scranton is Biden's birthplace, and 10 He lived here until he was 10 years old, and he recalled his childhood many times in his speech.

Data map: US President Biden.

  Biden said that the reason Scranton is called home is because his values ​​are formed here.

At that time, the neighbors and the people around us took pictures of each other, and everyone got along on an equal footing.

However, many people had to leave here to find work far away.

He said that when he was running for the president of the United States, he was determined to fundamentally change the situation of wage earners in the American economy.

  Biden said that the infrastructure bill and social welfare budget he is advancing will create an average of 2 million jobs with considerable income a year in the next 20 years, and will not increase the government's deficit spending.

He emphasized that the United States needs infrastructure bills to invest in the construction of roads, bridges, railways, broadband, power grids and other facilities. American families need social welfare budgets to achieve tax relief for the middle class, improve children's education, and improve people's lives.

  "The United States is still the world's largest economy," Biden said, "but we are facing the risk of losing our advantages." He emphasized that the United States must invest not only in facilities, but also in people.

We want to inject new vitality into the American economy.

  According to the "Washington Post" report, the infrastructure bill with a total value of about 1.2 trillion US dollars has been passed by the US Senate and is awaiting a vote in the House of Representatives. Another important social welfare budget is expected to be reduced from the original 3.5 trillion US dollars. To 2 trillion US dollars.

The above two are the main components of the economic development plan designed by Biden to fulfill his campaign promises, and both parties are currently seeking wider support from both parties.

  White House Press Secretary Psaki said on the 20th that after meeting successively with moderate and progressive lawmakers at the White House on the 19th, Biden felt more confident in winning the support of the two parties.

There is a broad consensus that there is an urgent need to advance this work in the next few days, and the window for finalizing the package plan is closing.

  Bloomberg reported that Biden has been seeking public support for its infrastructure bill and social welfare budget.

After his visit to Scranton, Biden plans to go to Baltimore, Maryland, on the 21st to talk to the public. It is expected that topics related to the infrastructure bill and the social welfare budget will be included.


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