, October 20. According to a report compiled by, the Australian International Travel Vaccine Certificate has been launched on the 19th. It can now be provided to Australians who are fully vaccinated with two doses. Eligible people can download it from the health insurance website or Express Plus. Obtained by the medical insurance application.

  The Ninth News reported that if you want to apply for a certificate, applicants must first link their medical insurance account to a MyGov account. Those who use digital vaccine certificates in Australia can now operate on their smartphone ports.

  On the "Vaccination Certificate" page, applicants can now select "Apply for Certificate" and perform international verification, check the vaccination data, and then add valid Australian passport information. These four steps are necessary, and the system will verify their submission afterwards Data and generate a certificate.

Applicants can print it out for the next international trip.

  Although the application procedure seems simple, the QR code on the certificate can be verified by the VDS-NC standard at any major international airport.

The QR code is encrypted like an e-passport, and the authority uses a simple application to scan the QR code and verify the certificate.

This will be carried out together with the normal identity check. When entering the country, the staff will use the passport to check the details of the vaccination certificate, such as name and passport number.

  Fully vaccinated Australians will soon be allowed to travel internationally without isolation, and this certificate will be as important as a passport when it comes to entering other countries and returning to Australia.

(Wei Wei)

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