In the Social Democrats' shadow budget, 500 more educators will be employed in preschool and school than today.

They also want to spend SEK 250 million more annually on preventive work for increased security.

The goal is that no young people will be recruited to criminal networks by 2030.

- The gangs are recruiting younger and younger and the number of shootings is increasing.

We want to see preventive work in the school but also a greater presence of field assistants, drop-out activities and leisure clubs.

But it is a long-term work of eight years, says Karin Wanngård (S)

The budget also includes planning for a start of housing construction in Bromma park city and an action plan for reduced emissions from road traffic.

Increased tax

The financing in the budget is made with the help of a higher municipal tax of ten öre, which will give the city SEK 300 million.

An additional SEK 150 million comes from increased parking fees and fees from the companies that rent out electric scooters.

In addition, the Social Democrats want to make savings on consulting costs within the city of Stockholm.

Below you will hear about the majority's budget proposal

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On Wednesday, the majority in the city of Stockholm presented their budget proposal for the year 2022. From left;

Karin Ernlund (C), Daniel Helldén (MP), Anna König Jerlmyr (M) and Erik Slottner (KD).

Photo: SVT

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