Politics: what is François Hollande playing?

Former president François Hollande (here in September 2021) Pierre RENE-WORMS / FMM - PIERRE RENE-WORMS

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Six months before the first round of the presidential election, François Hollande distributes the bad points.

In his new book “ 


 ” but also in the work on Emmanuel Macron by journalists from Le Monde Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, “ 

Le traître et le Néant

 ”, the former president does not hold back his blows against the current head of the 'State but also the left.

A difficult strategy to decipher. 


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What is François Hollande playing?

In the staffs of the left parties teeth cringe when, as in

Le Parisien

this morning, the ex-president mocks the divisions, " 

battles as picrocholine as microscopic

 " and judges the candidatures "



The former head of state has especially not digested that the Socialist Party has never defended the results of his five-year term on inequalities or employment.

A call of the foot to the candidate Anne Hidalgo to whom he distils some advice, such as that of speaking to all French people and not only to certain categories.

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The analysis is cruel revenge vis-à-vis Emmanuel Macron whose mandate he compares to that which Nicolas Sarkozy could have done if he, François Hollande, had not beaten him in 2012. His successor at the Elysee is qualified " 

Of a man of no doctrine, a traveler without a compass

 ", " 

changing opinions according to events, leaping from one conviction to another like a frog on water lilies


Difficult not to detect bitterness in these words, even if François Hollande swears that he "has no revenge to take" and that he "is not looking for anything" for himself.

But according to a leader of the Socialist Party, for the former president, " 

it is above all not possible that others will succeed after him



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