China News Service, October 20. According to the Philippine World Journal, on October 19, local time, the Presidential Palace of the Philippines announced that starting on October 20, local time, the government had expanded the grading system for epidemic prevention and alertness beyond Metro Manila.

  Presidential spokesman Locke said that the following areas will be placed at the following alert levels:

  The fourth level of alert: Negros East and Davao West;

  The third level of alert: Cavite Province, Neihu Province, Rizal Province, Sijiga Province, Davao City, North Davao Province;

  The second level of alert: Batangas Province, Quezon Province, Rosanna City, Bohol Province, Cebu City, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City, Cebu Province, Jindavao Province, South Davao Province, Davao East Province.

  Locke said these alert levels will continue until October 31.

  The Presidential Office of the Philippines stated that the low number of new coronary pneumonia cases and the reduction in medical resource occupancy in Metro Manila are one of the reasons for the government to expand the implementation of the alert classification system to other regions.

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