October 20, 2021 Hacker attack on Siae. 60 gigabytes of sensitive data relating to the artists registered with the Company were stolen and ended up on the dark web and a ransom in bitcoin was also requested which, Siae has no intention of paying because there is no guarantee that the dissemination of the data is blocked. The Siae made a report to the Privacy Guarantor and a complaint to the postal police who is investigating.        

The Italian Society of Authors and Publishers is carrying out checks to quantify the extent of the damage.

It is a ransomware attack, a databreach (leak and publication of data) that affects about 60 gigabytes of subscriber data.

Among the data published on the dark web, from what AGI has been able to verify, there are numerous identity documents of members, contracts between artists and companies, recognition of works, iban and sensitive data of members.