The "Taiwan Independence Committee" Chen Baiwei's recall case turned into a blue-green showdown, Zhu Lilun and Tsai Ing-wen both launched emergency mobilizations

  [Global Times Special Correspondent Cheng Dong] The case for the recall of Chen Baiwei, a "legislator" of the "Foundation Progressive Party" in Taichung, who advocates "Taiwan independence", will be voted on this Saturday.

Since he was revealed that he had escaped in an accident and was suspected of gambling, the island has been very concerned about his election.

In addition to the removal of Q (Chen Baiwei's nickname 3Q) headquarters, the largest political power in Taichung, Yan Jia and Chen Baiwei and their affiliated "Kijin Party" engaged in fierce confrontation, the blue and green parties have also begun to have their own automates to vote for the election. Multivariate.

Cause a lot of controversy

  According to a report by Taiwan’s United News Network on the 18th, the leader of Chen Baiwei’s removal was Yang Wenyuan, a resident of Longjing District, Taichung City.

He said that he used to be a supporter of Chen Baiwei, but since Chen was elected, he has done a bad job. His behavior was out of order and political opinions bounced back. He was quite disappointed, so he had to launch a recall campaign.

On February 1 this year, Yang Wenyuan announced the establishment of the "delete Q headquarters." The reasons for the removal included Chen Baiwei's ill-advised speech, disqualification, frequent news of misrepresentation, and "will only deliberately smear red and deliberately split ethnic groups."

It is understood that Chen Baiwei was born in July 1985 and graduated from the Department of Information Management at Kaohsiung University.

Since entering politics, he has caused many controversies. For example, in March 2020, he encouraged Taiwan’s “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” to establish a “China Department” and proposed to invite Hong Kong people to serve as soldiers in Taiwan. The honey-glazed ham that compliments the pig is super delicious.

In October of this year, Huang Yangming, a senior media person, broke the news on Facebook that Chen Baiwei had escaped as soon as he injured a person by driving a car 10 years ago. He did not plead guilty until the police checked the monitor. He was finally sentenced by the court to 9 months and suspended for 3 years. , And then he was revealed to be suspected of gambling.

His classmates disclosed in the program that he "opened a casino at home" in high school. He was still a "watcher" and was not well-known and lied. It was no surprise that he would escape in trouble.

In addition, Chen Baiwei was revealed that when he was elected as a "legislator" in 2019, he had only one car and no cash. The market value of a house in Kaohsiung was reported to be 1.77 million yuan (NTD, the same below), but the property when he took office in 2020 , Not only the house price rose to 5 million yuan, but also 4.41 million yuan in deposits, which is higher than the annual income of the statutory "legislators", and there is no need to back mortgages.

  According to Taiwan’s "election strike law", if the number of valid votes for approval is greater than the number of votes for disagreement, and the number of approval votes reaches more than 1/4 of the total number of voters in the original constituency, the recall is passed.

At present, the total number of voters in Taichung's second constituency is 290,000. As long as there are more agreeing votes than disagreeing votes, and the number of agreeing votes reaches at least 72,181, it is considered a success.

According to Taiwan media analysis, voters in this constituency have the characteristics of "swing" and will not vote only because of the candidate's party attributes, and whether the voters can be motivated to go out and vote on the same day is the key to the success of the recall.

Tsai Ing-wen supports Chen Baiwei

  The blue-green participation in the dismissal made this vote arouse the attention of the whole Taiwan.

The newly appointed Kuomintang chairman Zhu Lilun said that "deleting Q" is only right and wrong, right and wrong, and there is no difference between political parties. He called on all local people to vote.

It is worth noting that although the dismissal group announced the suspension of all propaganda activities, Zhu Lilun still went to Taichung on the 17th and held a "living room meeting" with the villagers to promote the recall.

The DPP has also stepped up its deployment here. Tsai Ing-wen announced his strong support for Chen Bowei at the Central Standing Committee on the 13th, claiming that he does not want Chen to become a victim of the "all party fights one man" fight.

On the 17th, the DPP mayor of Taoyuan, Zheng Wencan, posted a photo of him and Chen Baiwei on his Facebook page, saying that Chen Baiwei came from an ordinary family, he admitted his mistakes, knew repentance, and was sincerely grateful.

On the 19th, the “legislators” who were closely related to Tsai Ing-wen also released a Facebook picture card, saying that in the next few days, they would ask everyone to call their relatives and friends in the second constituency of Taichung, so that Chen Baiwei will continue to serve Taiwan in the Legislative Yuan. Struggle", also said that Chen Baiwei was "a lot of attacks that were not facts, and I felt very distressed."

When asked whether Tsai Ing-wen would be the platform for Chen Baiwei, the "Vice President of the Legislative Yuan" Cai Qichang said that if the "Jin Party" needs Cai's help, there is a great chance of going there.

"Vice President" Lai Qingde also stated that "Taiwan needs goodness, and youth deserves justice" and expressed his support for Chen Baiwei.

  Ling Tao, chairman of the Kuomintang Literature and Biography Committee, responded that it is precisely because Taiwan needs goodness that it is necessary to dismiss the "legislators" of inferior character who want to open up recreational marijuana; it is precisely because youth is worthy of justice, and it is necessary to remove the harm to young people. The "legislators" who failed to get the internationally certified vaccine criticized Lai Qingde for "opening his eyes and talking nonsense" in order to support 3Q.

Most netizens were quite dissatisfied with Tsai Ing-wen's intervention in the recall case and even supporting Chen. They left a message saying, "Even this guy can survive? This president has no distinction between right and wrong."

Some people say bluntly, "It can be seen that what is good for the DPP is called democracy, and if it is bad for the DPP, it is called wicked fighting."

  Enlightenment for Taiwanese politicians

  Since last year, Taiwan has held three local recall votes, including the deposed Mayor of Kaohsiung Korea Yu, Taoyuan City Councilor Wang Haoyu, and Kaohsiung City Councilor Huang Jie who failed to be recalled.

The analysis believes that Zhu Lilun’s efforts to "delete Q" by himself clearly attached great importance to the success or failure of the recall. This was the first important political event he faced after he took office as the party chairman. Wind direction ball.

According to the United News Network, if Chen Baiwei is successfully removed, a "domino effect" may occur.

For the Kuomintang, tying "remove Chen Bowei" and "hate the DPP" together can spread the political spillover effect and keep the Tsai authorities in a headwind state. The next domino to fall is most likely to be Taipei's public opinion representative Lin Changzuo. .

  A comment published in the Zhongshi Electronic Newspaper stated that the DPP and certain politicians benefited from the "anti-China protection of Taiwan" after the "regulation turmoil" broke out in Hong Kong. Chen Baiwei is an obvious example.

Having tasted the sweetness, he continued to perform various performances, constantly intensifying the ideological contradictions on the island, and blamed everything on the mainland's so-called "conspiracy theory," which has aroused the resentment of the voters in the middle and the majority of Taiwanese.

The intervention of the Kuomintang is just "just right" in response to public opinion and taking advantage of the trend. The recall activity is a self-adjustment of "popular" politicians in Taiwan society.

The article said that this also gives Taiwan politicians a revelation that if the votes are abused, the people's anger and counterattack will eventually come.

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