Hear what kind of assignment the children can get from the criminal gangs in the clip above.

The initiative is a collaboration between social services, the police and the school and is aimed at young people aged 10–25 in north-eastern Gothenburg.

One of the tasks of the project is to help young people who are at risk of being recruited to organized crime.

But also to help those who are already in crime.

- I do not think there is a starting point for when you start to be recruited, but it may be enough to get a task, that you should call if you see an unknown person coming to the square or similar, says Danne Larsson, unit manager UngÖst.

"Can be weapons or drugs"

According to Danne Larsson, there is information that children as young as ten years old have been given just such small assignments.

Assignments that then risk growing.

- Then it can be about leaving something, after that maybe they ask you to keep something.

It can be weapons or drugs and then you become more and more involved, says Danne Larsson.

Successful investment

During the five years that the project has been running, it has grown from two to today ten employees and soon the UngAngered unit will be added, which means a further doubling of the staff.

Although the criminal gangs continue their attempts to recruit young people to their networks, the project has, according to independent investigators, been a success.

It also shows direct contacts with young people and their relatives.

- Parents have heard from them and said that it is going well for their children.

It is a proof that what you do works and motivates you to continue, says Stefan Alberg who works in the project.

The city of Gothenburg also has a defector activity for adults.

It is a collaboration between a number of different authorities and organizations.

Among other things, there is a "defector phone" where people who want to get out of their criminal context can turn.

There you can get general advice but also help with a larger effort.

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In the clip, "Dani" tells why it is so difficult to leave a criminal network - and how he finally succeeded.

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