- We have decided in the municipal council that we will pull the handbrake and pause, says Dan Nilsson (S), municipal councilor in Västervik.

The reason is that the politicians say no to all applications is that they believe that the existing wind farm plan, which determines how wind power can be established in the municipality, is too old and no longer relevant. 

The wind turbines have simply become much higher than what was taken into account in the old plan, which is now being put on ice. 

- The works that were sea-based before, you move in to land.

We did not have that picture ready for us when we took the wind farm plan.

Add to that the fact that we have very many worried and worried municipal citizens about these establishments.

Then it was not difficult to make a decision, says Dan Nilsson.

Takes several years

Developing a new wind farm plan will take several years.

And in the meantime, no new wind turbines are allowed in the municipality.

The municipality thus does not need to use the possibility of a municipal veto in each individual case.

In this way, no wind power issues are raised at all. 

- I'm in no hurry with this.

Now we will give this time, and everyone will be able to participate and have a dialogue about this, so we will move forward in a good way, says Dan Nilsson. 

When will you be able to see the new establishment of wind power in Västervik municipality at the earliest? 

- I have a hard time seeing that it can be before 2024. 

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