, October 19th. According to the official WeChat account of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education recently held a national "double reduction" in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the "Opinions on Further Reducing the Burden of Students in Compulsory Education and the Burden of Off-campus Training" Work promotion meeting in pilot areas.

The meeting requested that each pilot area implement the "double reduction" policy requirements, do a good job in the "business reforms to non-business reforms" and "ready for review" of discipline training institutions, implement government-guided prices, control the total amount and duration of homework, and guarantee after-school service funds And other work, and achieved substantial breakthroughs in key links.

  The meeting pointed out that since the Party Central Committee’s decision and deployment of the “double reduction” work, the pilot areas have acted quickly and adopted strong measures, and the work has achieved obvious results. However, there is still a certain gap in comparison with the requirements of the central government and the objectives and tasks of the pilot. Each pilot area must be adequate. Recognize the problems in the pilot work, adhere to the goal orientation, intensify work, and strengthen reforms and innovations, and we must achieve greater practical results.

  Meeting requirements, each pilot area-

  There must be a new level of ideological understanding. The "double reduction" pilot work is a major political task. The central government chooses nine places as the pilot areas to take the lead in testing and making breakthroughs in response to the problems in governance. The pilot areas must raise awareness and take responsibility. Mission, take responsibility, and explore courageously, provide experience and set a good example for the national "double reduction" work.

  To grasp the policy needs to be improved, to truly understand the spirit of the "double reduction" document, to have a deep understanding of the supporting documents issued by the Ministry of Education in conjunction with relevant departments, to be based on local realities, to promptly study and issue relevant detailed policies in response to the needs, and to do a good job for the grassroots to implement it. Good protection.

  To overcome difficulties, we must make new breakthroughs, implement the "double reduction" policy requirements, do a good job in the "business reform" and "preparatory reform review" of discipline training institutions, implement government guidance prices, control the total amount and duration of homework, and after-school service funds Substantial breakthroughs have been made in key aspects of safeguards and other work.

  Joint governance must have new progress and give full play to the role of the special coordination mechanism for the "double reduction" work. The education department must do a good job in the coordination work of uploading and distributing, connecting left and right, and promoting close cooperation among relevant departments to form a strong governance force.

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