“Cuba is lifting the mandatory quarantine for foreign travelers upon arrival in the country from November 7th.

PCR testing at the entrance will be discontinued from November 15, ”the message says.

✅ #Cuba elimina la cuarentena obligatoria a los viajeros internacionales al arribo al país a partir del 7 de noviembre.

✅ Se confirma que para el 15 de noviembre se elimina la realización del PCR-RT de entrada en frontera. # CubaAbrepic.twitter.com / oG5UPVvnDi

- Cancillería de Cuba (@CubaMINREX) October 19, 2021

In September, the marketing director of the Iberostar hotel chain said that in Cuba, hoteliers plan to increase the number of tourists from Russia after the planned relaxation of restrictions on entry.