On October 19th, the 3.5-meter-diameter, 500-ton thrust integral solid rocket engine independently developed by the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology) was successfully tested in Xi'an.

  According to reports, the engine adopts a number of advanced technologies such as a high-pressure overall design, a high-performance fiber composite material shell, a high-loading integrally cast-formed combustion chamber, and an oversized nozzle. The overall performance of the engine has reached the world's leading level.

  The Fourth Academy of Aerospace Engineering stated that the success of this experiment has opened up the key technical link for the development of China's thousand-ton thrust solid engine, marking the substantial increase in China's solid carrying capacity, which is important for promoting the development of large and heavy launch vehicle technology in the future. significance.

(Reporter Dang Tianye Zhang Yichen, video source of the Fourth Aerospace Academy)

Editor in charge: [Tian Boqun]

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