• Ballot in Rome, the challenge between Michetti and Gualtieri


October 18, 2021 "I wanted to thank the Roman women and men for this very significant result, I am honored by the trust that has been placed in me. I will put all my efforts to honor it". Roberto Gualtieri said this, speaking from his electoral committee, after the victory in the ballot against the center-right candidate, Enrico Michetti. 

"I will be the mayor of everyone, of the Romans, of the Romans and of the whole city. An extraordinary job begins to relaunch Rome and to make it grow, to make it more inclusive and to make it work, to be a productive city, a city of culture , science, innovation, close to people ". 

Roberto Gualtieri thanked his challengers in the headquarters of his electoral committee: Enrico Michetti, Carlo Calenda and the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, "for their commitment over the years".

Gualtieri thanked the volunteers of his committee and spoke of "a wonderful electoral campaign".