• Health Raquel del Rosario reveals the disorder suffered by her eldest son: "He is a fairy child"

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The singer

Raquel del Rosario

, 38 years old and

former Fernando Alonso

, would never have thought that she

would save her son from the clutches of a puma,

much less that she would have the energy for it, but things happen and they happened at her home in


, where this woman lives with her husband and two young children.

Like all mothers, Raquel del Rosario had stated on more than one occasion that the Guardian Angel could not cope with her children due to the movement of the little ones, but on this occasion the phrase made came true when a heartbreaking scream alerted her of the danger to the life of

his son Mael

who had fallen under the claws of the carnivore in his home in California.

What at first was a plan in the home garden without risk - "Mommy, I'm the tree to look for

fruit" - Raquel of the Rosary watched

"a mountain lion had pounced on him and struck him savagely with their talons"

the last august.

He tells about it on his social networks and still wonders "where did the force come from that made me repeatedly hit the animal with my fists until I got rid of it."

It was a matter of millimeters and tenths of a second.

"A few more millimeters and I wouldn't have made it,"

were the doctor's words.

I knew then that his angel had not left, he was there, holding those millimeters that separated life from death ".

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"Mommy, I'm going to the tree to look for fruit," he told me in the garden.

The scream that I heard seconds later still resonates in my head, as does the image I saw when I turned.

A cougar had pounced on him and was fiercely wounding him with its claws.

Immediately I stopped perceiving the world,

even today I can't understand how I crossed the garden in milliseconds or where the force came from that made me hit

the animal repeatedly with my fists until I got rid of it. "

Her husband also participated alerted to what was happening to his son and wife.

"Pedro appeared at that moment, like a second puma, we managed to get into the house without further incident, we alerted the neighbors and we went to the hospital."

Raquel del Rosario still wonders on her Instagram account how she had the strength to get her children out of the clutches of the cougar and how she was left without them when she saw the little one leave the operating room.

"All the strength that had invaded me that morning disappeared, leaving me completely defenseless in the face of pain that I was completely unaware of. Fear invaded me," he writes.

"Life speaks to us through events that often escape our understanding, that invite us to let go of control, place us in the now and remind us that

our children are a precious loan of life

, that their soul has its own a plan to which we can only bestow love and dedication ", he reflects.

Raquel del Rosario and

Pedro Castro from


married in 2013 and have two children Leo, the eldest, who was born in Gran Canaria, the singer's homeland, and Mael, the second who was born in Los Angeles.

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