"Estates General of Justice" in France: Emmanuel Macron on the air of an electoral campaign

French President Emmanuel Macron during his speech to launch the “Estates General of Justice” in Poitiers, western France, October 18, 2021. AFP - GUILLAUME SOUVANT

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To respond to the unease of magistrates and to criticism of the slowness of the judicial machine, French President Emmanuel Macron launched on Monday, October 18, “Estates General of Justice”, responsible for proposing reforms to “reconsider” the system. .

A 5-month citizen consultation to reform and modernize the judicial institution. 


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Pierre Olivier,

from the France service of RFI

Six months before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron wants to act " 

until the last quarter of an hour

 ", in his words.

The Head of State has defined two major axes for this consultation which will last five months: " 

restore the civic pact between the Nation and justice

 " and " 

guarantee the efficiency of justice


And Emmanuel Macron to insist: “ 

The slowness, the heaviness of the public service of justice today does not satisfy anyone.

Neither the victims, who have the feeling of generalized impunity, nor the police officers and gendarmes who have the feeling of worthlessness, nor the magistrates and lawyers who are part of this malaise, nor even the culprits for whom, in too many cases , the sentence loses its meaning.


To listen: Estates General of Justice: "The urgency today is to provide the means" to the institution 


Old French disease


Sometimes more political, Emmanuel Macron also condemned the questioning of European law.

An allusion to the attacks of Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier, right-wing presidential candidates.


I am amazed in our debates today to see that as soon as there is a problem, we come back to this old French disease which consists of saying



This is Europe


 », Indignant the president.

But Europe is us


All the texts to which we are submitted, we have built them in our discussions, then signed and then ratified.

What is this business ?!


Next February, two months before the first round of the election, a committee will issue its conclusions on the complaints of the French.

Proposals that could well become the backbone of the program for a possible second term of Emmanuel Macron. 


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