The last time she was seen by her relatives, she had just been dropped off at the Graulhet bus station by a friend, and had to go to Albi, in the Tarn.

Known to have already run away, 13-year-old Maéva Antolin has not given any news to her family since.

To try to find her, and to have information on the place where she could be, the gendarmes of Tarn have just launched an appeal for witnesses for worrying disappearance.

The girl with black curly hair, measuring 1.65 m, was dressed in black leggings with green stripes and a black leather jacket on June 14, the day of her departure.

The soldiers are asking people who have seen her, or who have information on where she might be, to contact them at the Graulhet gendarmerie on 05 63 70 83 17 or via 17.


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