• There are over 240 million infected with Covid in the world, 4,889,571 deaths, 6.6 billion vaccines


October 16, 2021The effectiveness of anti Covid vaccines remains high, which maintain a protection of 77.8% against infection, 92.4% against ordinary hospitalizations, 94.8% against the risk of hospitalization in intensive care and 94.3% against the risk of death.

This is what the Istituto Superiore di Sanità notes in its weekly integrated surveillance bulletin. In detail, the overall effectiveness of incomplete vaccination in preventing infection is 63.1%, while that of complete vaccination is 77.8%. This result indicates that in the full course vaccinated group the risk of contracting the infection is reduced by 78% compared to that among the unvaccinated.

The effectiveness in preventing hospitalization rises to 83.7% for vaccination with an incomplete course and to 92.4% for that with a full course.

The effectiveness in preventing ICU admissions is 90.7% for vaccination with an incomplete course and 94.8% for that with a full course.

Finally, the efficacy in preventing death is 83.4% for incomplete course vaccination and 94.3% for full course vaccination.

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