Chinanews, October 16th, according to foreign media news, on the evening of the 15th local time, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and South Korean President Moon Jae-in held the first telephone conversation.

The two sides discussed issues such as forced labor and comfort women.

Data map: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

  The last time the leaders of Japan and South Korea had a dialogue was in June. The then Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga directly exchanged greetings with Moon Jae-in when he attended the G7 summit in the UK.

  Japanese media reported that Kishida pointed out that Japan-South Korea relations are in a severe condition due to the lawsuits of former conscripted workers and former comfort women, and strongly urges the South Korean side to take appropriate measures.

According to Korean media, Moon Jae-in stated on the issue of comfort women that it is important to seek solutions that can be accepted by comfort women victims without affecting bilateral diplomatic relations.

  In addition, Moon Jae-in also stated on the issue of forced labor recruitment that South Korea and Japan have differences in the judicial interpretation of the scope of application of the "Korea-Japan Claim Agreement" signed in 1965, and the two countries should seek a diplomatic solution.

Moon Jae-in said that although the relationship between the two countries is at a deadlock due to unresolved issues, as long as they work together, they can rise to the challenge.

Data map: South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Photo courtesy of the Blue House

  On the 4th of this month, Moon Jae-in sent a letter to congratulate Kishida on his appointment as prime minister, expressing "hope to work together".

At the plenary session of the Senate on the 13th, Fumio Kishida stated on Japan-South Korea relations that "Although it is in a very severe situation, it cannot be put aside", indicating a positive attitude towards breaking the status quo.

  In addition, Korean media are also concerned that that day was the 12th day of Kishida Fumio's inauguration as Prime Minister, and the call between the leaders of the two countries was 3 days later than the previous Prime Minister.

The governments of Japan and South Korea initially coordinated the telephone talks on the 14th, but the time was not appropriate and changed to the 15th.

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