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The secretary general of Vox, Javier Ortega Smith, got married this Saturday in Toledo with the Mexican Paulina Sánchez del Río Nájera.

The wedding took place in

the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes

and brought together the main leaders of the party.

"On this very important day for us, we are grateful for the countless expressions of affection that we have received from family, friends, acquaintances and compatriots who have made this day more special, if possible. It is impossible to respond one by one to so many expressions of affection, for we want to offer this public thanks to all of them, "Smith said in a statement.

Likewise, he

wanted to acknowledge the city of Toledo for their welcome

, a city to which they feel "closely linked sentimentally and familiarly" and which will have a "special meaning in our lives."

In the same vein, he has dedicated a few words to all the people who have made his marriage possible.

"Workers in the hospitality sector, organizers, Security Forces and Bodies, so many workers who have given us all the facilities today to enjoy our wedding," said Smith.

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