It was at half past six on Saturday morning that Gästrike rescue service received an alarm about a fire in an industrial premises on Industrigatan in Skutskär.

- There were two people at the scene who sounded the alarm, says Andreas Brändström, internal commander.

According to him, no person has been injured.

The premises must contain chemicals, but not environmentally hazardous.

Have control of the fire

This morning, forces from Gävle and Skutskär are working to protect other properties.

- We have control, but it is not off.

The police are in place to secure roadblocks, and according to police spokesman Magnus Jansson Klarin, it is too early to talk about whether there are any criminal suspicions.

The rescue service is expected to remain in the morning and the fire may flare up to and from.

- We can also count on a lot of smoke.

If you are disturbed, we recommend keeping doors and windows closed, says Andreas Brändström.