A network rampant in the north and southwest of France as well as in Belgium, to which the theft of more than 90 vehicles is blamed, has been dismantled by the police and a dozen suspects arrested, announced Friday the judicial police .

This team "using the technique of '' mouse-jacking '' (theft by computer hacking)" could steal a vehicle in a few minutes and had recourse to "methods specific to organized delinquency", writes the PJ of the North in a press release. .

Dismantled by the anti-organized crime division of the PJ and the Lille Research and Intervention Brigades, the network stole, disguised and then resold, to bona fide third parties or to other criminals, more than 90 vehicles, for damage estimated at 1.7 million euros in a few months.

The vehicles were stolen in Belgium, Normandy, Hauts-de-France and New Aquitaine.

The garages which made up them were in the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, the couple who "whitewashed" them in the Gironde.

The suspects were already known to the police

On October 11, eleven suspects, seven men and four women, aged 18 to 39, "all already known to the police", were arrested.

They were referred Friday to the Lille prosecutor's office for indictment.

The searches carried out revealed, in addition to stolen vehicles, 50,000 euros in cash, luxury items, many car keys and license plates, electronic devices used to start vehicles and reprogram them, balaclavas. , gloves, two long guns, two handguns and a bulletproof vest.

The PJ notes in its press release the “recrudescence of specialized teams” in the electronic theft of vehicles, thefts without visible break-in, thanks for example to the hacking of the computer of board of the car.


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