A journey that celebrates humanity's relationship with Earth's outer limits

A tour in space and take off from the "Expo Land"

  • The trip reviews the UAE's bold mission to explore Mars.



Expo 2020 Dubai invites its visitors to embark on an exceptional journey through space exploration missions and future discoveries on a "space tour", which celebrates humanity's relationship with the outer borders of the planet and brings life to it.

The trip based on the use of technical means and immersive technologies is designed to be an exceptional trip, during which visitors will be able to review the amazing stories of countries’ success in conquest of space, including the UAE’s daring mission to explore Mars, in addition to the achievements of countries in this field, including Canada, France, India and New Zealand, During the Space Week, which runs from today to the 23rd of this month, and is one of the 10 thematic weeks organized by Expo 2020 Dubai within the Human and Planet Earth programme.

The "Space Tour" journey not only celebrates the achievements of countries in the exploration of outer space, but also tells the story of the contribution of these missions to improving life on Earth in the face of many challenges, including climate change and environmental degradation.

Visitors have the opportunity to witness the Mission Monitoring Program of the Emirates National Space Program and review the amazing achievements of the "Probe of Hope" project in the "Alef" Mobility Pavilion, as part of the celebration of the UAE joining the elite of the world's advanced countries in space travel.

France is one of the leading countries in the field of space exploration.

In its pavilion, visitors are invited to embark on an immersive journey into outer space to discover the achievements of the French Space Agency.

India has also made great strides with its achievements in the field of space exploration, and its pavilion presents the space exploration program and benefits from it in the sectors of health, defense and natural resources.

The Canada Pavilion celebrates the North American country's innovative influence in areas ranging from artificial intelligence and machine learning to space and air exploration.

The Swiss pavilion showcases the efforts of this pioneering country in sustaining space logistics and providing solutions to address the increasingly pressing issue of space junk.

As for the Kazakhstan pavilion, it will display the "Future Center", which is designed in the form of a research spaceship in the field of pioneering technologies and scientific developments.

In its endeavor to focus on the role of youth in pioneering the field of space exploration, the UAE University launches the “Explorators Program” at the Expo, which aims to involve young people in developing solutions to space-related challenges, and enables visitors to learn about opportunities to establish projects in the field of space, including movement management. Aerospacecraft.

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