The newlyweds are keen to visit the city in conjunction with the exhibition

"Expo Dubai" .. The first honeymoon stop for "Mona" and "Timasu"

  • The Italian pavilion at the "Expo" is at the forefront of the pavilions visited by the newlyweds.

    Photography: Patrick Castillo


The Italian couple, Mona and Timaso Getani, were keen to come to Dubai, as soon as their wedding ended, and the first days of the "honeymoon" at Expo 2020 Dubai began, during their first visit to Dubai.

The wife, Mona Mike, told "Emirates Today", "A long love story that brought me together with Timaso, finally culminated in a wedding in Italy, in a scheme in which we were keen to start the first days of the honeymoon from the gates of (Expo 2020 Dubai), because it represents an integrated global exhibition. It offers unique experiences in every way.”

And she added: "We have long made a visit to Dubai for my husband and I to the UAE, to link the date of the marriage ceremony with the launch of the (Expo 2020 Dubai) exhibition, and then to come on the first honeymoon stop to Dubai, visit its exhibition, and learn about different civilizations and cultures from The gateway to this beautiful exhibition.

The new bride, who works as an English language teacher in Italy, and visited with her husband several pavilions, led by the Italian pavilion: “Coming to (Expo 2020 Dubai) and getting to know him on the ground came more than we imagined, both in the experience that the exhibition provides to its visitors on all sides. levels, especially with regard to future dimensions, finding practical solutions for sustainability, and even having the opportunity to learn about the cultures of peoples of all stripes, and among the most attractive to me on a personal level, is tasting different dishes and food cultures around the world.”

Mona pointed to the cultural diversity that characterizes the UAE society: "The diversity here is unique, which was embodied by (Expo 2020 Dubai) in every sense of the word, in bringing together 192 countries in one place, in a platform that attracts most of the countries of the world."

And she continued: "The sophistication in respect, regardless of gender, color, and even identity, is one of the most prominent things that my husband and I have touched since our arrival at Dubai Airport, and it is one of the most prominent human traits that an individual seeks, whether in his daily life, or in his roaming around the world."

While the husband, Temasso, said, "The atmosphere is charming throughout the exhibition, especially Al-Wasl Square, the charming architectural masterpiece that it presents through the most advanced laser technology in the world."

He explained: "The honeymoon plan also includes visiting the most important landmarks in Dubai, the world's tourism icon, which includes the tallest residential tower, the largest commercial center, and other unique urban structures. The civilization and legacy of the UAE, between Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and other regions.”

Mona: "The diversity in the UAE is unique, which is what embodied (Expo Dubai) in every sense of the word, which brings together more than 192 countries in one place."

Temasu: "The atmosphere is charming in all parts, especially Al-Wasl Square, a masterpiece full of paintings that are presented through the most advanced laser technology in the world."

The new couple: "Getting to know the international exhibition on the ground came more than we imagined."

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