The chairman of the Bundestag election review committee, Patrick Sensburg, believes it is possible that the election failures in Berlin on September 26th also had an impact on the outcome of the Bundestag election.

The assessment by the state election management that violations of the electoral law in two constituencies could have had an impact on the outcome of the election to the House of Representatives cannot be ruled out for the Bundestag election, the CDU politician told the newspaper Handelsblatt.

"The fact that many citizens were still standing in line at the polling stations and could already see projections and trends could have influenced the decision to vote in the federal elections," argued Sensburg. Here a “very thorough examination will be necessary”. "I could even imagine that the election review committee of the German Bundestag will negotiate the objections against the election in Berlin in public," said the CDU politician.

In the capital, elections to the Bundestag, the House of Representatives and the district councils were held simultaneously on September 26th.

There was also a referendum on the expropriation of large housing companies.

For example, there were delays in sending postal voting documents, incorrect or missing ballot papers and long queues in front of the polling stations.

Many polling stations were open longer.

Voters who were there before 6 p.m. were allowed to cast their votes afterwards.

The regional election management announced on Thursday an objection to the election results at the Berlin Constitutional Court.

In two constituencies there were violations of the law that could affect the distribution of mandates, said state returning officer Petra Michaelis.

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