, Ningbo, October 14 (Lin Bo, Xu Qimin, Zhang Bin) "I am a stranger in a foreign land, and I think about my family every holiday season." By her side, she can only call relatives when she is free, and when she is busy, she can only entrust the bright moon to alleviate lovesickness.

  On October 14th, with the arrival of the Double Ninth Festival, the "recruits" of the Recruit Company of the Ningbo Detachment of the Armed Police Force Zhejiang Province used the Chinese old communication method to write a letter of "warness" with a letter of love from thousands of miles away. Confession of loved ones.

"Recruits" write letters of their families.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  "Dear grandma, when you were a kid, you carried me through a section of mountain road and picked up my favorite mountain spring water. At that time, you never felt the mountain road is difficult to walk on your back. Now, you are getting old and your grandson is also Growing up." Hu Yuhao from Luzhou, Sichuan wrote a "letter of thanks" for his grandmother during the Double Ninth Festival.

  Hu Yuhao said: "The Double Ninth Festival is also called the Climbing Festival. I am now walking on another'mountain road'. The top of the mountain is my dream for a long time. I told my grandma that I will walk every step of the way."

  "Adults are uncomfortable, and self-consciousness is not adult. This is what my grandparents often say to me. Nowadays, the taste is different." Zhou Lixin from Luzhou, Sichuan said bluntly. Now in the army, there is no more freedom and discipline, but he But he didn't feel uncomfortable, but became more steadfast, "Because I know this is the only way to achieve my grandparents' expectations."

"Recruits" report to the scene.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  "Brother, the Double Ninth Festival is here, and I think of your loud voice again." Duan Chenxing from Xianyang, Shanxi bluntly said that he is the younger brother in the poem "September 9th Recalling the Brothers in Shandong", "tell your brother and ask him to take care of it. Mom and Dad, I'm fine in Zhejiang, so let them not miss it either."

  Chongyang Festival every year, and Chongyang Festival today, the battlefield yellow flowers are very fragrant.

From the time of the military, it’s a festive season, thousands of miles away from each other, and the feeling of being a family country meets the olive-green military uniform. For soldiers, the "home country" becomes a "country".

  "Now your son is going to be an armed police soldier. I will definitely remember your entrustment. I will be your pride when the army fights hard and goodbye." This is the words of Zou Hongli from Meishan, Sichuan. , Expressing his lofty ambitions word by word, "I feel warm when I think of my parents, please don't miss your son."

  Unfolding the letter paper and picking up the pen, Ding Yi from Maoming, Guangdong feels peaceful at this moment.

  After a month of training in the army, what Ding Yi wants to tell his parents most is that the hands of time will not push you forward, and you will naturally become an adult. A true man needs independence and tempering. "On Double Ninth Festival, I hope my family Stay healthy, add more clothes in the cold weather, and work hard to add meals." (End)

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