After the Swedish Public Employment Service closed its office in Hultsfred municipality, the municipality opened a new unit for work and integration.

And right now they are working in a different way to get more people to work.

Through inspirational films with people who have managed to break their unemployment, they hope to inspire even more people to enter the labor market.

- We have made films with young people and it is about fighting for and continuing to study and receive the help we can give, says Anders Svalbring who is a labor market administrator in Hultsfred municipality.

Still many left

The project is aimed at all the unemployed, but above all at new arrivals, as there are many foreign-born who are registered as jobseekers in the municipality.

Despite the positive figures, unemployment among foreign-born is still high in the municipality.

Right now, Hultsfred municipality is the second highest in the county with 24.3 percent.

Only Emmaboda is worse with 27.4 percent unemployed in the same group.

Mörbylånga municipality is the municipality with the lowest proportion of foreign-born unemployed with 10.3 percent. 

Cycling school 

Not having a driver's license and not being able to cycle is an obstacle among many newcomers to be able to work.

And soon you will start with a cycling school for those who do not have a driver's license.

- This autumn, we will have a cycling school to help them get back and forth to work, says Amanda Persson who is a labor market administrator in Hultsfred municipality.

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