• Emmanuel Macron is announced in Marseille on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

  • Certain projects that he initiated during his first visit are moving forward in pain, between incomprehension and anger.

He's back, but the welcoming committee this time isn't really the same.

After a long-awaited visit at the beginning of September, Emmanuel Macron returns to Marseille on Friday afternoon to take stock of the projects he has initiated.

The problem: the passage of the President of the Republic in the Phocaean city had the effect of unpinning several bombs that he will now have to defuse.

20 Minutes

returns to these points of tension which will be the backdrop to the presidential visit.

The Macron experiment in schools on the picket line (on strike?)

The announcement had the effect of an explosion. Last September, Emmanuel Macron took everyone by surprise, saying he wanted to experiment in 50 schools in Marseille with the recruitment of teachers by the school directors themselves. And this "in the districts where the situation is the most difficult", where, according to the President of the Republic, "the teachers do not come any more", "tired of working too long" in these places.

On the eve of Emmanuel Macron's return, a sort of rebellion was organized in Marseille schools. In a statement, 80 schools openly claim to have refused to take part in this experiment. "To our knowledge, they even started looking for schools in the southern districts, urgently, in order to find the 50 schools at all costs, before the arrival of Emmanuel Macron", launches Virginie Akliouat, departmental secretary of the Snuipp FSU13 union. .

"In mid-September, an educational advisor sent me an SMS asking me if I wanted to be part of the experiment," the director of a school in the eighth arrondissement is surprised. I had to give an answer within half an hour. I said of course no, because it's not my job to recruit people. And applying the methods of the private to the public has rarely yielded positive results. "

Another sign of dissatisfaction: this Tuesday evening, the national representatives of the main teachers' unions all made the trip to Marseille, in order to display at a public meeting a sort of union common front against this experiment.

They mentioned the possibility of going on strike on Friday, the day of the president's arrival.

An online petition has also been launched by the unions, to push Emmanuel Macron back on this project.

Skating and artistic blur on transport development

It was one of the strong announcements of the President of the Republic. During his last visit, Emmanuel Macron had promised the payment of one billion euros, including 250 million in subsidies, in order to finance "the automation of the metro, the creation of four tram lines and five bus lines in high level of service. "

The president is gone, leaving in his wake a certain vagueness on these statements. A few weeks later, instead of the new tram lines, the president of the RTM preferred to talk about extensions of existing lines on four sections. “There is no interest, neither in the operational nor financially, to start again on new lines, indicated Catherine Pila in an interview with

20 Minutes.

But ultimately, these are new projects, and they become, in fact, new lines. "

A few days later, at the municipal council, Benoît Payan asserts that “the President of the Republic has put forward the idea of ​​making a fourth tram line. "And to be indignant with Catherine Pila:" You oppose to the President of the Republic an end of inadmissibility by telling him: "There will not be four tram lines. There will be three. They will be made. as I wished as they were made, that is to say I phase them and I choose them ". "

"We are impatiently awaiting the opinion of the President of the Republic on the projects presented, launches the LR president of the metropolis Martine Vassal.

We presented projects for an amount of 3.9 billion.

The last time, we were told that there would be 1 billion which would be financed with a hierarchy in the projects, which were recorded.

We needed that to make it go fast.

Transport cannot be thought of in one click.

If the President of the Republic announces more money to us during his visit on Friday, I assure you, we will take them.


The metropolitan gas plant on the brink of explosion

In the background of these tensions between the town hall of Marseille and the metropolis is the very functioning of the said metropolis, which has become a veritable gas factory on the verge of explosion. The President of the Republic himself had also pointed out the shortcomings of this institution which has become complex, even unmanageable, between the territorial councils which divide up public action and the sharing of powers with the mayors which has become a source of conflict.

Thus, the waste crisis in Marseille has become a political showdown between Benoît Payan (PS) and Martine Vassal (LR), both former opponents in the municipal elections. The mayor of Marseille wrote to the President of the Republic, in order to recover this competence attributed to the metropolis. Benoît Payan, who points to "ineffective tangles of skills", believes that the "status quo" is no longer tenable. "Only an immediate reform of local governance and the distribution of local operational skills can put an end to it," he writes.

This Monday, Martine Vassal, the president of the metropolis, met Jean Castex, in order to initiate a dialogue on the subject, a few months before a possible legislative change.

The next day, after a working meeting with the mayors of the metropolis, she said she was ready to commit to a transfer of skills, without providing any details.

But, on this thorny subject, Emmanuel Macron should not be the justice of the peace.

According to Martine Vassal, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion Jacqueline Gourault will come to Marseille to make announcements on this issue by the end of October.


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