It is a reaction of the ruling and opposition parties following the decision to dissolve the House of Representatives.

Liberal Democratic Secretary-General Amari "Focus on choosing between liberal democracy and communism"

Liberal Democratic Party Secretary-General Amari told reporters in the Diet, "The Constitutional Democratic Party will fight with the Communist Party by unifying the candidates. The main focus will be on choosing between a government that operates under the ideas of our Liberal Democratic Party and a government that is new to communism. "

Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Kuni Moriyama "Prime Minister Kishida's decision is extremely appropriate"

The Liberal Democratic Party's chairman of the Diet, Moriyama, told reporters, "It is important for the constitutional government to ask the people as close as possible on the 21st of this month when our term expires. It is necessary to dissolve quickly, and Prime Minister Kishida's decision is extremely appropriate. It is important to enact the supplementary budget bill as soon as possible after the election and execute it as soon as possible. The Liberal Democratic Party will do its utmost to respond to the Diet and enact budget bills and related bills. "

Representative Edano Ritsumin "Fight in the general election with all our might to change to a proper politics"

Edano, the representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters, "I am very sorry for the dissolution to escape from the explanation and the debate, but we will appeal to change three things: infectious disease control, economic policy, and dishonest politics. We have to change the cover of politics itself in order to change it to. I want to do my best to fight the general election. "

Regarding the election cooperation with the Communist Party, "I would like to express my respect and gratitude for the fact that the Communist Party withdrew candidates in more than 20 constituencies just before the election and strengthened the" one-on-one combat structure. " While I was in a position, I was able to achieve a single unification that far exceeded my expectations. "