In Norway, Scandinavia, a man attacked passers-by with a bow and arrow one after another, killing five people so far.

Police have detained the man and are investigating his motives, including the possibility of terrorism.

According to Norwegian police and others, there were multiple reports on the night of the 13th in Kongsberg, southwest of the capital Oslo, that a man was attacking a passerby with a bow and arrow.

The man was detained by a rushing police officer, but so far five have died and two have been injured.

According to police reports, the man appeared to have acted alone and attacked people one after another with a bow and arrow while walking around the city.

Police are investigating motives, including the possibility of terrorism.

In Norway, police officers are usually unarmed, but in response to this incident, authorities ordered police officers nationwide to carry guns and other items.

Local media and others have reported that it was the worst case since more than 70 people were killed 10 years ago in 2011, when a man shot a gun in Oslo and the suburbs.

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