According to the radio, it is Grantorp / Visättra in Flemingsberg in Huddinge municipality and Fisksätra in Nacka that are now assessed as vulnerable areas, and Valsta in Sigtuna that is assessed as a risk area.

All are located in Stockholm County.

The police authority has not yet published its updated list and does not want to comment on the development of the individual areas.

According to a government assignment, it must report no later than 1 December this year.

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SVT's reporter explains the concept of vulnerable areas Photo: SVT / Tobias Holmqvist

- We do not see any major fluctuations between the years, when we make these assessments.

There are areas that have a negative development, but overall we see positive tendencies, says Linda H Staaf, head of the intelligence unit at the police's national operational department.

Rannebergen in Gothenburg and Klockaretorpet in Norrköping, on the other hand, leave the list, where the development has been positive.

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