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Marine Le Pen, presidential candidate for the third time, said Thursday that she "would continue to play politics" even if she was not elected to the Elysee Palace in April 2022.

The candidate of the National Rally explained on RTL that she "was not preparing (her) retraining" after having graduated as a cat breeder, her "passion".

"I will always have my cats when I am President of the Republic. And if I am not elected, I will continue to play politics and I will always have my cats".

The former lawyer, 53, also said that she was still "able to (re) register with the bar if (she) wished".

Marine Le Pen is "convinced of being the best placed" in the race for the Elysee, while she is followed in the polls by Eric Zemmour, who has not yet presented his candidacy.

"I can and I will win this presidential election," she said.

According to her, Eric Zemmour "does not want to be Prime Minister at all", but on immigration and insecurity, "we are making the same observation, so we will be led at one point or another to make the rally ".

"For the moment, he may not be able to hear what I have to say to him, but we will wait a bit, it does not matter", added the person in charge of extreme law.

Asked about the financing of her proposals, Marine Le Pen said she "would explain it throughout the campaign".

She promised in this regard that she would not spend "a dime more".

"I don't spend a dime more, I don't raise taxes, and I don't have more debt."

Marine Le Pen intends to release 16 billion euros through its measures against immigration, "which consist in reserving family allowances exclusively for the French and subjecting a whole series of solidarity benefits to a waiting period of 5 years equivalent full time for foreigners ".

It also plans to fight against "fraud", which would amount to at least 15 billion euros, and remove subsidies to "intermittent energies" such as wind and photovoltaic, which would represent "between 6 and 7 billion euros per year ".

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