Alexandre Chauveau 7:20 a.m., October 14, 2021

This Thursday morning took place the first meeting of the LR control body supposed to organize the weeks leading up to the December 4 Congress.

Contestants for the nomination are bound to play along to make up for lost time after internal disputes over how to nominate the right-wing candidate.

Kick-off for the nomination of the Republicans party.

Michel Barnier, Xavier Bertrand, Eric Ciotti, Philippe Juvin, Denis Payre and Valérie Pécresse are candidates to represent the right and the center in the presidential election of 2022. They will nevertheless have to gather 250 sponsorships of elected officials before November 2.

This Thursday morning was organized the first meeting of the control body of the party, supposed to organize the weeks to come before the holding of the Congress which will officially appoint the candidate of the party on December 4.


 Pécresse, Bertrand, Barnier ... Who is the favorite of the LR congress for the presidential election?

Two televised debates

This meeting was the first official meeting between the party and the candidate teams.

All will be represented by one of their relatives.

For example, Valérie Pécresse and Michel Barnier have appointed their director and campaign manager, Patrick Stefanini and Marie-Claire Carrère Gée, two former chiraquiens.

Also on the agenda of this meeting: the question of televised debates.

All the candidates declared themselves in favor.

There should be two, including one before November 16, the deadline for joining the Republicans and thus being able to vote in Congress.

Objective: make up for lost time

Other logistical issues will be addressed.

But the important thing is that the family photo is beautiful, because in reality, all the candidates deal directly with the president of the party, Christian Jacob.

The party's objective is also to make up for lost time after the quarrels over the method of nominating the candidate.

"It is time to initiate a dynamic", we whisper internally, in order to occupy the media and political space neglected in recent weeks.

And from theory to practice there is only one step: Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse, and Michel Barnier will all be traveling this Thursday evening, to meet LR members.

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