October 14, 2021: A Chinese bride created a stir online for wearing 60 kilograms of gold jewelry on her wedding day.

The bride, from Hubei province, wore jewelry so heavy for her wedding that she couldn't stand up.

Wearing gold to marriage is considered a good omen in several cultures.

However, due to the excessive weight of the jewels, the woman had to be supported by the groom.

The bride received the gold jewelry as a dowry from her husband. She was given 60 gold necklaces, each weighing around one kilogram. Along with the necklaces, the bride also wore two huge gold bracelets on both hands. They were gifts from the groom's family. The groom comes from a wealthy family. While many people, seeing her wearing the huge necklaces, felt it was a gesture of exhibitionism, the wedding guests felt pity for the bride.

Locals believe that gold is a symbol of good luck, high social status and that it helps get rid of evil spirits and drive away bad luck. Photos of the bride wearing the huge number of gold necklaces and bracelets went viral on Chinese and Indian social media.

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