• New York Bolsonaro, contrary to being vaccinated against Covid, forced to eat a piece of pizza in the street

After a long time draining the bullet, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has finally said it loud and clear: he

does not intend to get vaccinated against covid-19


Until now, the leader of the extreme right said that he would be the last Brazilian to be vaccinated, that he wanted to wait because it would not be fair to 'steal' that opportunity from someone more in need.

However, this Wednesday, in an interview with Jovem Pan radio, he said the following: "About vaccines, I decided that I am not going to get vaccinated. I'm looking at new studies.

My immunity is up there, why am I going to get vaccinated?

It would be the same as playing ten reais in the lottery and winning two. It doesn't make sense, "he said.

Bolsonaro assured that he is not against vaccines and justified it by saying that last year he authorized to dedicate 20,000 million reais

(more than 3,100 million euros) to the purchase of immunizers

, and that now the majority of Brazilians have already received at least a dose.

However, he added that there is a "desire" to buy vaccines and hinted that behind the requirement of the

'covid passport'

that other authorities are implementing there are interests of the laboratories.

"Now, to demand vaccination, it seems to me that it smells like the market. For me, freedom is above all. If the citizen does not want to be vaccinated, it is his right and full stop," he settled.

Throughout the pandemic, Bolsonaro repeatedly questioned the efficacy and safety of vaccines.

He scoffed at the

Sinovac vaccine

("I don't want complaints if people turn into alligators," he went on to say) and ignored requests from Pfizer, which was offering tens of millions of vaccines to Brazil, for months.

If they had arrived earlier, the vaccines would have prevented many of the more than

600,000 deaths

that the pandemic has already left in the country.

Laziness when it comes to looking for vaccines is one of the central points of the investigation carried out in recent months by a special commission of the Senate on possible crimes committed by the Government in the management of the pandemic.

The final report will be released next week, and

Bolsonaro is expected to be charged with various crimes against public health


The president of Brazil is one of the few world leaders who has not been vaccinated against covid-19.

Most did it publicly, to encourage the population.

Despite everything,

Bolsonaro's denial did not catch on among Brazilians

, who massively embraced the vaccination campaign.

Unlike other countries, in Brazil the anti-vaccine movement is practically non-existent.

According to the most recent data from the Ministry of Health, 72% of the population received at least one dose of the vaccine and 47% are fully immunized.

The rates vary widely depending on the region.

In the state of

Sao Paulo

, for example, (with a population similar to that of Spain) 81% of the population is already fully protected.

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