, Beijing, October 14th. On the 14th, the National Civil Service Bureau website announced the announcement of the recruitment of civil servants for the 2022 examination of the central government and its directly affiliated institutions. According to the announcement, the 2022 national examination public subject written examination will be held on November 28, 2021. , Online registration will start on October 15th.

Data map: An examination center for civil servants in Taiyuan, Shanxi. Candidates are preparing to enter the examination room.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Wu Junjie

2022 National Examination Timetable released

Sign up from October 15 for written test on November 28

  According to the announcement, the National Civil Service Bureau will organize and implement the 2022 examination of the central government and its directly affiliated institutions to recruit first-level chief staff and below and other civil servants at the equivalent level.

  Candidates can log on to the special examination website to register and submit applications from 8:00 on October 15th to 18:00 on October 24th. Only one position can be registered at a time.

From October 15th to October 26th, log on to the examination website to check the results of the qualification review.

  Applicants who have passed the qualification review can log on to the examination website after 8:00 on October 28 to check their registration number.

From 0:00 on November 1st to 24:00 on November 7th, you can log in to the special examination website for online registration confirmation and payment.

  Candidates whose registration is confirmed to be successful, please log in to the special examination website to print the admission ticket from 0:00 on November 22 to 12:00 on November 28.

  Written examinations for public subjects are set up in municipalities, provincial capitals, capitals of autonomous regions, and individual larger cities across the country. The time is: November 28, 9:00-11:00 (Administrative Vocational Ability Test), November 28, 14: PM 00-17:00 (Declaration).

  The foreign language proficiency test for 8 non-universal language positions, the positions of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission and its dispatched institutions, the positions of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and its dispatched institutions, and the professional subjects of the police positions of the public security organs. The written test time is: November 27th, 14:00-16: 00.

Data map: On November 24, 2019, the 2020 National Examination was held. The picture shows candidates entering the test center of Nanjing Forestry University to take the exam.

Photo by Su Yang issued by China News Service: CNSphoto

Plan to recruit 31,200 people

The municipal prefecture level and below directly affiliated institutions mainly recruit fresh students

  A total of 75 departments and 23 directly affiliated institutions participated in this recruitment examination. It is planned to recruit 31,200 people. Compared with the previous year's 25,700 people, the recruitment scale has increased significantly.

  According to the announcement, the central agency and its provincial-level agencies, except for some special positions and highly professional positions, mainly recruit people with more than two years of grassroots work experience.

  The announcement also continued the policy of the previous year, and continued to emphasize that "municipal (prefecture) level and below directly affiliated institutions mainly recruit fresh graduates from colleges and universities."

  Regarding the policy for remote areas, the announcement pointed out that directly affiliated institutions located at the county (district) level and below in difficult and remote areas can take measures to reduce academic requirements, relax professional conditions, not restrict working years and experience, and separate written examination passing scores. Measures to appropriately lower the barriers to entry.

  For those recruited through preferential policies such as lowering the entry threshold, they should have a minimum of 5 years of service (including probation period) in the hardship and remote county and township agencies within the jurisdiction of the city (prefecture, state, and league) they are applying for.

Data map: The picture shows candidates waiting for entry to take the exam at the 2019 National Entrance Examination Nanjing Forestry University test center.

China News Agency issued Su Yang photo source: CNSPHOTO

There are 3 types of written examination papers for public subjects

  Observed from the specific examination arrangements, the announcement shows that the public subject written examination papers recruited this time are divided into three categories, which are respectively applicable to the comprehensive management positions of central agencies and their directly affiliated agencies at the provincial level, and comprehensive comprehensive management agencies at the municipal (prefectural) level and below. Management positions and administrative law enforcement positions.

  According to Zheng Wenzhao, an expert from the Huatu Education Research Institute, in recent years, the recruitment and selection of civil servants has paid more attention to precision science, further improved the quality of selection, and promoted classified examinations.

  "For example, it highlights the ability to evaluate theoretical thinking and comprehensive analysis for comprehensive management positions in central agencies and its provincial-level institutions, and highlights the implementation, basic-level work, and other aspects of comprehensive management positions in municipal (prefectural) and below-level institutions. Ability to highlight the ability to handle affairs in accordance with the law and public services for administrative law enforcement positions."

  Experts said that the interview content will also closely follow the job content, nature, and characteristics of the recruitment agencies and recruitment positions, and focus on reflecting the different employment needs of different departments and different industries.


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