The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the first to approve e-cigarette products.

Reuters reported on the 12th local time that the FDA has approved the e-cigarette device and liquid cartridge manufactured by RJ Reynolds' e-cigarette brand 'Buz'.

The FDA said in a statement that analysis of the data showed that Buz's toxicity was significantly less than that of regular cigarettes.

He added that Buse's e-cigarettes have been shown to help smokers quit or significantly reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked.

Although there are adverse effects of e-cigarettes on adolescents, it is explained that the benefits for adult smokers are greater.

When e-cigarettes appeared on the US market more than a decade ago, manufacturers emphasized to consumers that e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes and help people quit smoking.

However, it was difficult to find a full-scale study on whether e-cigarettes actually help smoking cessation.

The FDA's official approval is expected to bring about a major change in the e-cigarette market.

In September last year, the FDA directed all U.S. e-cigarette manufacturers to submit data to review the effectiveness of smoking cessation aids.

As a result, more than 500 e-cigarette companies have submitted applications for evaluation to the FDA.

The FDA seems to be announcing whether to approve companies other than RJ Reynolds.

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