• Gas, Putin: "European errors originated in the price crisis: hasty actions carried out"

  • Energy, Von der Leyen: "The EU future is renewables, not gas"

  • Rises in the stock market, double truce on gas and US debt

  • Increase in energy prices, von der Leyen: "The management of the stock of EU reserves is being studied"


October 13, 2021While the European Union faces the most serious energy crisis of the decade, due to the increase in gas prices and the shortage of raw materials, the opening of the Russian president: "If they ask us to increase deliveries, we are ready to to do it". Putin, citing the accusations made against the Federation of not intentionally increasing supplies, replied saying: "there has not been a single case in which Russian companies have refused to meet the requests from Europe to increase supplies", underlining the increase - so the head of the Kremlin - of supplies along all available routes including the Turkish Stream, and also through the Ukrainian gas transport network. 

The fight of the EU against the expensive gas that raises the bills 

An opening of dialogue on a strategic issue for the interests of the EU, but with lights and shadows: on the one hand the commitment to dialogue, on the other the invitation not to increase supplies for the union through the Ukrainian gas pipeline because "its wear is more than 80%, and there is a risk of blowing up the infrastructure". Now we await the possible reply of the leaders of the European Commission committed to trying to stem the expensive gas that is causing the bills of European citizens to rise, thus also putting at risk the recovery of the entire industrial fabric, due to the skyrocketing prices of the 'electricity.

Russia: "Carbon neutrality by 2060"

During the Moscow forum, President Putin also announced another important opening, on the front of the fight against climate change, announcing that Russia will reach carbon neutrality "by 2060", promising farewell to fossil energy because " Climate change puts humanity at risk "

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