A man was arrested and taken into custody in Clermont-Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme) on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

He is suspected of having tried to throw his ex-partner out of the window of a dwelling, located on the fourth floor of a building, reports

La Montagne


The facts occurred around 12:30 am, on the night of Sunday to Monday.

The police intervened on the scene after being contacted for an argument, details the local daily.

Blind drunk

Once there, they saw the woman who had just collapsed on the ground, pursued by the respondent and his two dogs.

The man would have been alcoholic and would have also struck him several punches, explain our colleagues.

The suspect was placed in a sobering-up cell at the end of his arrest.

Already known to justice for acts of domestic violence against his ex-concubine, he was prohibited from coming into contact with her.

The man was referred Tuesday to the Clermont-Ferrand prosecutor's office.


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