William Shatner, now 90, who once played the leading role "Captain Kirk" in the world-famous science fiction drama series "Star Trek," has made real space flight a reality.

"Star Trek," which began broadcasting on television in 1966, depicts the adventures of the spacecraft "Enterprise" and its crew in the galaxy of the future, and is known to have enthusiastic fans all over the world. Has been done.

William Shatner, now 90, once played the lead role in Captain Kirk on the Enterprise.

On the 13th, Shatner boarded the spacecraft of the space development company "Blue Origin" established by Jeff Bezos, the founder of IT giant Amazon.

The spacecraft was launched from a launch site in Texas, southern United States, and reached space above 100 kilometers in about three and a half minutes.

Shatner enjoyed the so-called weightlessness for a few minutes on board, and returned safely to the ground about 10 minutes after the launch.

"I found that a very thin layer of the atmosphere separates life and death. This is the most profound experience I can imagine, and my heart is full of excitement," said Shatner.

90-year-old Shatner broke the record for an 82-year-old woman on board the same company's spacecraft in July, making her the oldest person to go to space.

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