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Manfred Koehler

Deputy head of the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and editor in charge of the business magazine Metropol.

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if you go to Eintracht often enough with Eintracht fans, there is a good chance that you will eventually become a Eintracht fan. Anyone who keeps dragging themselves to a Mardi Gras session will one day be Mardi Gras. In such cases, it helps to confide in a milieu. Not in others. Even those who have lived among the wealthy in the Hochtaunus district for a long time will not become wealthy at some point. If it were different, everyone should now quickly look for an apartment in Bad Homburg, Kronberg or Königstein. Because according to a new study, the richest seniors live in the Hochtaunuskreis. The poorest in Offenbach and Mainz. Well, with an average of 466,000 euros, the Taunus residents are still poor dogs compared to those who deign to reside in the Starnberg district - in the Bavarian district the average is 785,000 euros.But half a million is better than nothing.

However, health cannot be bought for much larger amounts. The virus does not differentiate between the wallet. Conversely, keeping your distance and putting on a mask does not cost anything. The incidence in Hesse continues to stagnate, it is 61 and thus about the same as in the past few days. In its generosity, the state government has decided that the retail trade will in future be allowed to participate in the large-scale social project to put pressure on the unvaccinated - in shops, too, "2 G" may now be decreed, so access may be restricted to vaccinated and convalescent people. So far, however, the impression has prevailed that this is more the exception than the rule in restaurants and hairdressers as well.

One of the advantages of the Frankfurt area with its wealthy pensioners is that the car opponents do not have the upper hand yet. In the Main metropolis, on the other hand, the most important means of transport is in full swing, and that is causing concern. A few weeks ago it was made more difficult to enter Oeder Weg from the city center, and there will soon be another blockade for entry from the north. Although the dealers have not yet noticed any losses in sales, they fear that it will not last. After all, there must be winners somewhere. Anyone who produces the red color with which cycle paths can be marked has had a reliable customer in the city of Frankfurt for some time.

And in addition, the Swiss artist Olga Titus is exhibiting in the Kunsthalle Darmstadt +++ 17 people drowned in swimming accidents in Hessen this year +++ employees of the state have emphasized their demands for salary increases with warning strikes.

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for Wednesday

There are a lot of clouds and some sun.

The temperature rises to 13 degrees.

During the night it rains occasionally at 7 degrees.






Hans Jürgen Kotzur

, former director of the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum Mainz (75);

Volker Thoma

, managing director of the Karbener Kelterei Rapp's (62);

Paolo Carignani

, former general music director of the Frankfurt Opera (60).

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