Experts confirm that physically punishing children does not lead to correcting their behavior, but rather generates negative feelings that affect their development and psychological balance, and a recent scientific study sheds light on the dangers of this type of upbringing.

In a report published by the Spanish magazine "Eresmama", the writer Nicolas Forero says that many parents still believe that hitting children is a useful method for raising and correcting behavior.

And the latest studies - published in The Lancet, in which scientists from all over the world participated - indicated that this type of upbringing harms the development of the child.

And 69 different studies were analyzed that included the use of hitting the buttocks to discipline children, and the experts concluded that there is no evidence that such behavior is beneficial in improving their behavior. They also concluded that physical abuse threatens the child's psyche and makes his behavior worse.

Serious consequences

The study proved that hitting children leads to several serious consequences;

It reinforces in the child negative feelings such as hatred, humiliation and sadness, and the child understands when he is subjected to physical punishment that beating is the ideal method to solve the problems that confront us in our daily lives, and thus gets used to aggressive behavior against others.

Children also feel constant fear as a result of physical punishment, which affects their self-confidence, and leads to low self-esteem and bouts of anxiety when dealing with others, and not building healthy social relationships, because a child who is exposed to physical violence from his parents may think that everyone wants to abuse him.

This method also leads to a constant feeling of guilt in the child, and he does not understand precisely the nature of the mistake he committed and the negative consequences of that behavior, and he feels insecure towards his parents, and he becomes more isolated and less willing to talk about his experiences and express his opinion.

Children feel constant fear as a result of physical punishment (Getty Images)

The importance of dialogue and communication with the child

Dialogue is the best way to raise a child, because it makes him feel safe, protected and supported, and makes him more willing to listen to parents' directions and advice, and correct his wrong behavior.

The writer adds that talking with the child is the best way to exchange ideas, set rules that benefit both parties, promote respectful coexistence, and strengthen the emotional bond between the child and his parents.

Through dialogue, children can distinguish between bad and good behavior, gain self-confidence, and become more able to form healthy relationships with others.

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