Chinanews, October 12th, according to comprehensive Korean media reports, on the 12th local time, the Seoul Central District Court in South Korea conducted a trial of Samsung Electronics Vice President Lee Jae-yong’s violation of the "Drug Administration Law", and the prosecutor asked the court to impose a sentence of 7000 Ten thousand won (approximately RMB 376,800) in fines, and 17.02 million won (approximately RMB 91,600) were recovered.

  According to reports, the prosecutor said that considering that Li Zairong had no similar history, and the number and timing of his injections of propofol (a sedative used for anesthesia), the above recommendations were made to the court.

  Li Zairong stated in court that he apologized for his private affairs for causing social concerns. Although it was for treatment, he would deeply reflect on his behavior and ensure that such incidents would not happen again.

  Li Zairong’s defender pointed out that while receiving skin treatment, the defendant injected propofol according to the doctor’s prescription.

Even so, he did not think well, and he is deeply reflecting on it.

  Lee Jae-yong allegedly performed a total of 41 propofol injections at a plastic surgery hospital in Gangnam District, Seoul, from January 2015 to May 2020.

The case will be judged in the first instance on October 26.