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Nintendo Switch OLED and Lite: what to remember from their technical sheets

Let's start with the OLED version. From a technical point of view, Nintendo has essentially taken its traditional console to replace the screen. It becomes more spacious, going from 6.2 inches to 7 inches. The device abandons LCD technology in favor of an OLED panel. The latter presents an image richer in contrast and more responsive. If the Switch becomes slightly heavier (27 grams more than a classic Switch), this OLED generation offers more comfortable and more immersive uses at the same time. Finally, Nintendo has also doubled the storage capacity of the console, from 32 GB to 64 GB.

For its part, the Switch Lite speaks volumes enough: it is the portable console par excellence. Nintendo removed everything that was superfluous, removing the removable Joy-Con and replacing them with fixed controls. The screen is small (5.5 inches). The assembly, which thus becomes lighter and less bulky, presents the best ergonomics possible, with unparalleled ease of handling. It is also synonymous with a more accessible price, with prices regularly located under 200 euros.

Note that the two consoles retain a number of points in common.

The image resolution remains the same (1280x720 pixels) on the two rivals.

The same goes for the processor, with the Nvidia Tegra chip doing all the necessary calculations.

Both the OLED version and the Lite version include 4 GB of RAM.

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OLED or Lite switch: which one to choose?

While budget isn't an issue, the Switch OLED is still superior to the Switch Lite on most points.

This is not so much thanks to the novelties of this new console as to the sacrifices of the Lite version.

Unlike a classic Switch, the Lite cannot connect to a television.

Its autonomy is more modest, going from 9 hours to 7 hours approximately.

If the OLED Switch offers very appreciable image quality, it mainly retains the advantages of a classic Switch, apart from its higher price.

The only audience remaining for the Switch Lite: nomadic players.

People who are used to playing in transport will fall for this less expensive console, easier to take and use.

Where to order your Nintendo Switch?

The price difference between the Switch Lite and the new generation OLED is significant, still preserving a serious advantage for the Lite version.

We can see this difference on Amazon:

  • Order Nintendo Switch Lite (blue) on Amazon

  • Order Nintendo Switch (OLED model, white) on Amazon

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