President Win Myint, who was detained on February 1 after a coup d'etat in Myanmar, testified in court and "followed" the situation at the time, threatening to resign for health reasons from intruding military personnel. I would choose to die, "he said.

Myanmar's President Win Myint, like State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, was detained by the military on February 1 after a coup d'etat and was charged with multiple charges, including incitement, and the trial continues. increase.

According to the lawyer in charge, Win Myint, who stood in court on the 12th, testified about the situation when he was detained, and in the early morning of February 1, an officer-class soldier broke into the room and resigned for health reasons. He said he was urging him to do it.

Military personnel threatened to "do a lot of harm if they didn't obey," but Win Myint refused to resign, complaining that he would "choose death if he obeyed," and was subsequently detained.

The military justified seize power for a major injustice in last year's general election, claiming that the process was constitutional.

However, legal experts have pointed out that the process of detaining Win Myint and declaring an emergency with a vice president from the military as a temporary president is unconstitutional.

In response to this testimony, the pro-democracy side is expected to further intensify the complaint that military actions are unconstitutional.

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