The rainy season is coming to an end,

Seasonal wild mushrooms are slowly ebbing,

"True Love Powder" will also bid farewell to the "tearful" wild bacteria.

(Seize the last chance to "love" with wild mushrooms this year~)

Speaking of wild mushrooms,

I have to mention Yunnan.

The complex and diverse geographical environment and

Blessed with climatic conditions,

Not only allows the biodiversity of this magical land to live in symbiosis,

Also let the hyphae spread under the ground,

Derived the "wild mushroom kingdom".

Source: Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department

The magical Yunnan land,

Provided "magic nutrients" for wild bacteria,

Wild mushrooms here

Will glow, change color, and "run"...

Let’s walk into Yunnan together today,

Take a look at how "wild" Yunnan's wild mushrooms are!

Screenshot from "Yunnan Password"

  Every year in the rainy season, when the first thunder sounds, the taste buds of Yunnan people are awakened at the same time as the fungi under the land.

In Yunnan, a summer without wild bacteria is not complete.

  Here, there are many types of wild fungi, wide distribution, and large output.

Currently, there are about 900 wild edible fungi in Yunnan, accounting for 36% of the world's 2500 edible fungi, and 90% of China's about 1,000 species.

Wild edible mushrooms are distributed in more than 120 counties and cities in Yunnan province. They have always been the key production and trading areas of wild edible mushrooms in China. Approximately 70% of China's domestic wild edible mushroom market is produced in Yunnan.

  Such a wealth of wild mushroom resources is simply a gift from nature. It is no wonder that Yunnan people love it so deeply.

Coral bacteria.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  At the same time, it also has the country's largest wild mushroom trading market-Yunnan Mushuihua wild mushroom trading market.

There are an endless stream of vendors who trade here every morning. More than 1,200 merchants sell 258 kinds of wild mushrooms. In peak seasons, the daily transaction volume can reach more than 500 tons.

In the past five years, the annual transaction volume of this market has continuously exceeded RMB 7 billion.

Citizens select wild mushrooms in the Yunnan Mushuihua Wild Mushroom Trading Center in Kunming City, Yunnan Province.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

Glowing mushrooms

  Will the fungus glow?

The dreamlike scenes in this kind of cartoon are also available in reality!

In the Hundred Bamboo Garden of the Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, there is a kind of luminous fungus-colloidal fungus.

  Guilloporus will grow from the roots of the bamboo and the surrounding area in the rainy season. This kind of small milky white fungus that looks "ordinary" during the day, when night comes, its hyphae and fruit bodies will fluoresce.

Researchers believe that mushrooms glow at night to attract insects to help them spread spores.

  But not everyone can watch the fungus glow to an ideal state, because their brightness and durability are restricted by the temperature and moisture of the environment, and will also change with the nutritional conditions and aging status of the fungus itself. .

"Poisonous" mushrooms that change color

  Seeing that Shouqing was named because of the indigo blue color after bruises or hand bruises, and once successfully "out of the circle" with the special skill of seeing "little people".

Legend has it that every Yunnanese has a friend who has been poisoned by eating green hands. In Kunming dialect, it means "eating fungus" (means poisoning by eating fungus, which also means taking the wrong medicine in ordinary spoken language).

The worker slices the cleaned Shouqing.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jiaxian

  Seeing that the delicious taste and neurotoxin coexist, but the taste is really unstoppable.

There is also a widely circulated saying in Yunnan: If you are cooked, you can feel the taste of heaven, if you are half-cooked, you can see heaven, and if you are not cooked, go directly to heaven...

The public sees their hands in buying.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Jiaxian

  Because it is toxic, the safest way to eat it is stir fry.

The most common method is to stir-fry with ginger, garlic and other condiments, and stir-fry for about 20 minutes before it is fully cooked and ready to eat.

It must be cooked thoroughly!

Well cooked!

Well cooked!

What kind of cold salad, see hand green, see hand green sashimi...Don't try it!

"Delicious" that can "run"

  As one of the most favorite wild mushrooms of Yunnan people, the "delicious" fungus conquered the stomachs of diners.

  The writer A Cheng wrote in the article "Homesickness and Protease": "When it comes to freshness, it is eaten all over the world. I think the freshest is the chicken fir mushroom from Yunnan, China. It is extremely dangerous to use this kind of mushroom for soup. I am greedy for fresh food and drink to death. I suspect that this kind of bacteria contains any substance that can completely paralyze the antifeedant center in the hypothalamus in our brains, so I would drink it to death and want to drink it." After drinking chicken fungus Before the soup, you will definitely think this is an exaggerated description, but after drinking it, you will definitely not think so.

Chicken fir flowers.

Photo by Zuo Lingren

  In order to be able to taste this deliciousness throughout the year, people have also developed a way to preserve the chicken fir to the maximum-You Ji Zong.

The encounter of charcoal fire and vegetable oil can not only retain the chicken fir for a long time, but also retain the sweetness of the chicken fir.

You Ji Fong.

Photo by Wu Zaizhong

  When it comes to the magic of chicken fir fungus, there are many interesting sayings in Yunnan folks. Some people say that chicken fir will "run". It will grow here this year, and it will grow there next year. Others say that as long as someone sees it, It will stop growing; some people say which way the umbrella head of the chicken fir is tilted, indicating that there is still a chicken fir in that direction...

Chicken fir.

Photo by Wu Zaizhong

  The special feature of Ji Cong is Ji Cong Tang.

Ji Cong Tang is the home of Ji Cong and the home of termites.

Termites collect a large amount of sawdust to build an ant nest, and find the hyphae or spores of chicken fir from the surroundings to sow on the ant nest.

The two depend on each other. The roots of the chicken fir grow on the termite nest, and the termites feed on the hyphae and mycelium balls of the chicken fir.

This explains why Ji Cong would "run" because the termites moved to "run" Ji Cong.

"High-end ingredients" that can "forbear"

  Most wild mushrooms often need to be cooked thoroughly before they can be eaten, but "high-end ingredients often only need the simplest cooking methods..." Matsutake is so high-end that it does not even require cooking, and it is one of the very few wild mushrooms that can be eaten raw.

Simply wash, slice, dipped in soy sauce and mustard to eat, so that the matsutake will reflect the original mellowness of the food.

Matsutake sashimi.

Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Shangri-La Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China

  For a long time, Yunnan Matsutake has been sold mainly for export, with an annual export volume of about 500 to 700 tons, of which more than 90% are sold to Japan.

In the past two years, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the export of Yunnan matsutake has been blocked, but domestic consumers are increasingly favoring matsutake, and more of the original export has turned to the domestic market.

Fresh matsutake.

Photo by Long Yan

  Matsutake is very precious. At present, it still cannot be cultivated artificially. It has very strict requirements on the growth environment. It generally grows in the primeval forest above 3,500 meters above sea level.

The spores of matsutake must have a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the pine tree, and the tree must be more than 50 years old to form matsutake hyphae and fungus ponds. The growth of matsutake is very slow. After 5-6 years of hard work in the soil, Only for forming and breaking the ground.

The chef makes matsutake delicacies.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

  Because of this, the price of matsutake on the market is not cheap. In the season when matsutake is on the market in large quantities, the price of matsutake in the Mushui Flower Market will also be 200-1200 yuan/kg, or even higher.

The price of Chinese matsutake on the Japanese market has been rising for two consecutive years. The wholesale price in early September of this year was 11,620 yen/kg, or about 670 yuan, up 20% from the same period last year.

The "password" that will "cure"

  As early as 2016, the Plateau Microbial Research Institute of the Yunnan Provincial Plateau Characteristic Agricultural Industry Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Plateau Microbial Research Institute") completed the genome sequencing of 100 wild bacteria and cracked the "code" of wild bacteria genes. And establish a shared database of wild bacteria genome.

When the research results were released collectively, they accounted for 80% of the world's DNA data for macrofungi.

After genome sequencing, many studies on wild bacteria can be promoted.

  Ma Xiao, the director of the Plateau Fungi Research Institute, said that the "little people" can be seen after eating wild mushrooms because they contain hallucinogenic ingredients.

Through the rational use of hallucinogenic ingredients, it is of great benefit to the treatment of depression.

At present, this research has proved in animal experiments that it can reduce the anxious reaction of experimental mice and relieve insomnia.

  In addition, wild bacteria grow in the environment with little pollution, so they are also natural green foods with high nutritional and health value.

  For example, Matsutake contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and other ingredients. In clinical practice, Matsutake can be used to make some food materials to achieve the effect of supplementing food and medicine. For example, it can fight malignant tumors, resist radiation and anti-aging, and improve the body’s immunity. Strength, beauty and beauty, and regulation of the internal environment of the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems are of great significance.

Various wild mushrooms.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang


Convention on Biological Diversity

Fifteenth Conference of the Parties


It is being held in Kunming, Yunnan, China.

The scene of the conference.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Ranyang

This also makes

Caiyunzhinan, which is rich in biodiversity, once again "out of the circle",

Become the focus of world attention.

Outside the venue, the five-star red flag and the United Nations flag were waving in the wind.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Cui Nan

The magic of nature's creation,

Perfectly reflected on the land of Yunling,

More exciting, waiting for you to discover,

Yunnan, waiting for you!

  Author: Hong Yi

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